Well it’s nearly the end of January and I never posted my 2nd scripture memory verse of the year. So…better late than never…

I love those who love me.  And those who seek me find me

Proverbs 18:7

Typed by memory.  Bam.

(I’m confident my confidence will start waning come mid-March)

January has been so nice because we haven’t needed to travel anywhere, but we’ve still had a lot going on.  What happened to January being a down month??  Seth has been gone the last two weekends enjoying some much needed guy time and the kids and I have had fun in the meantime with birthday parties, play dates, and spending lots of time outside.

Jake loves riding his new bike and now he has been riding it around our section of the neighborhood and to the park.  You’ve probably never seen a kid fall off a bike so many times with training wheels but he also doesn’t pay attention to where he’s going.  So I’m constantly saying, “Look in front of you!!  Look in front of you!  Jake, PAY ATTENTION!”

Hmm…I have no idea where he gets that from.

Although the weather has been nice, I am not a fan of 80 degree weather in January.  It gives me a heart attack to think of how hot that means June and July will be.  So bring on the cold fronts!

phone19The boys have been so sweet to each other (mostly) and Drew now wants Jake to hold his hand whenever we go somewhere.  Jake has been a great big brother and takes his job seriously.  Drew is getting bigger faster than I want him to, and while he is a handful, he is just the sweetest kid.

And speaking of heart attacks, next week Drew will be the age Jake was when Drew was born.  Let’s let that sink in a little.  I am thanking my lucky stars that I am not about to have another one right now!

Or pregnant.

Or even thinking about becoming pregnant.

(Just for the record)


Partners in Crime

Our boys have been up to no good lately!  Drew has perfected the art of not listening and manages to con his older brother into following suit.  As of right now, Drew is definitely the ring leader!  I am trying to give them a little more freedom during the day but, where I never had to worry about Jake, I can’t let these two be quiet for long without wondering what new tricks they have up their sleeve.

phone5But they still manage to be so sweet.  Sometimes. :)

phone6Thank goodness this is one of our last pictures with Drew’s paci!  He had a rough week but we are finally paci-free and hoping his speech will improve.


Additional partners in crime.  Jake takes gymnastics on Tuesday mornings with some of his friends and they have just as much fun running around in the waiting room as in the actual gym!

phone10 Couldn’t pry these 3 away from the iPad.  And they are only 3 and 5.  I can’t imagine how hard it will be to pry them away from a Playstation!

phone17Cheesing it up

phone18Jake was excited to watch some Spiderman cartoons with me last night while Daddy was gone.  Spiderman is no Princess Aurora, I’ll tell you that.

In other news, I visited a chiropractor yesterday morning and will never forget the sound my neck made.

It was the crack heard round the world.

(This was to fix my back)

(My back feels great now)

(My neck does not)

Can You Say…

YouTube Preview Image

Drew is learning more words everyday and I decided a video was long overdue. He wanted to watch this over and over tonight and was so proud of himself. And can I just say, I looooove when he says “shoosh”!

I forgot to capture Drew saying his favorite word – NO! He knows exactly what he wants and is not afraid to tell me “no” over and over and over and…over.

I know it won’t be long until his sporadic words turn into nonstop chatter like another little boy we know…

…and More

Next, we headed to La Grange to celebrate with Seth’s side of the family.  Our kids were getting pretty good at opening gifts by this point.

083 086 He cracks me up.  “Modeling” his new Aggie jersey.

090 Helping Popo open his gifts.

092 The boys were so excited to get their very own Gator!  They rode and rode it around the house.  Drew has been such a good sport to stay in the passenger seat.  Not sure how long that will last.

095 And they’re off…

098 Showing Uncle Chase and Avery his new rescue bots, of course

109 Wrestling with all the guys.  Jake is in mid-air in this shot – ha.110 Minaw and all her grandkids (and 2 great grandkids)

127 The boys were all surprised when Minaw started handing out her arsenal.  I’ll keep our stance on gun control private though… :)

140 Granny had the cutest train rocker at her house and the boys had a blast!

157 We had to layer up the boys to ride the Gator the next few days.  It got cold this Christmas!  So disappointed we missed the snow that North Texas got!

159 Drinking hot chocolate with Popo.

162AND, we ended our Christmas celebrating with Grandpa.  The boys had so much fun at his house and didn’t want to leave.  We read books, watched a movie, and played with trucks and robots.  What else do you need for a good time?

Alright.  I now can peacefully leave 2012 on this blog.

I know I say it all the time but we have been so blessed this year and surely the black eyed peas we ate on New Years Day will serve us well in 2013.

I only ate 2 but I think that still counts.

And You Thought I Was Done Talking about Christmas

So we’re well into January and I realized I forgot to document the rest of our Christmas. One day when I sell a million copies of my memoir, I would’ve regretted leaving this out!

008The boys helped bake cookies for Santa (I think cookies and other Christmas treats might be their favorite part of the season!)

012 There are always lots of fingerprints on the oven door

020 On Christmas (eve) morning, the boys were so excited to see that Santa had come.  Drew’s big gift was a car garage and Jake’s big gift was a bike.

029 032 Oh and how could I forget the Rescue Bots?  These were really the “I will DIE if I don’t get these” request from Jake this year.  To this day, he still shows every new person his 4 Rescue Bots.  He even told the carpet cleaners about them last week – ha!

048 SO excited to ride like the big boys

055 Drewbie got some Spiderman shoes to match Jake’s Batman shoes.  These are so so cute.

056I wanted to set my alarm to get up and get ready for pictures.  Seth wouldn’t let me.  So here’s the one makeup-less shot you get of me on this blog.  Ever.

073 Jake went outside to practice riding his bike for about 3 minutes before he ran back in to play with his Rescue Bots!

079 Later that day, we went to the Children’s Christmas Eve service at our church.  We’ve done this the past several years and just love it.  They sing Christmas carols and have a “live” nativity (well, do people in costumes count as live?).  The kids go bananas.  Jake wanted to pet the donkey afterward and I’m not quite sure he knew it wasn’t real…

081xIn front of the beautiful poinsettia tree our church puts up every year.

I am thankful to be making our own traditions and look forward to adding to them each year!

YOU should be thankful that I didn’t include the other 100 pictures I took this day.

Oh my Memory…

At the beginning of 2011, I decided to jump on board with a Scripture Memory team through Living Proof Ministries with a goal to memorize two Bible verses a month.  Easy, right?

Yes, ideally, this is super easy for the girl who memorizes all phone numbers, addresses, song lyrics, quotes, and more BEFORE she has children.

Add two little boys, subtract some hours of sleep, multiply by 2, subtract a few (thousand) brain cells, and the task gets a little harder.

I did well up until Drew was born in June of ’11 and then quit for the rest of the year.  Super good at resolutions over here.

SO, here were are in January 2013 and they are doing it again.  Two scriptures a month, 24 a year.  Very doable.  I’ll post my chosen verses here every couple of weeks and maybe you can join me too!

Verse Numero Uno…

The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me.  My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.

Psalm 28:7