Touch a Truck

Boys love trucks.  Boys love making truck sounds, rolling trucks, crashing trucks, and most of all…

truck2 Touching trucks

On Saturday morning we went to the annual “Touch-a-Truck” event put on in The Woodlands.  They bring out every kind of truck a kid could dream of and let them sit in them, climb all over them, honk the horns, turn on sirens (don’t go to this if you’re looking for peace and quiet), and more.

truck3 Ah.  Driving a garbage truck would be the life.

truck4 truck6 This year was even better because there was a helicopter!  Seth and I hadn’t even been up close to one and the boys got to climb in it and see the life flight equipment.

truck7 Fire trucks are old news by now.  Please.

truck10 truck11 Drew could’ve spent the day in the digger bucket (getting technical, I know).  I’m sure it was super clean too!

truck12 Every little boy’s dream…riding the school bus.  If only they knew how un-cool it was.  Take it from the girl who had to ride it for at least 5 years.  WITH her French horn in the seat next to her.

(I’m just talking about a friend of mine)

truck13And speaking of un-cool, watching the helicopter take off was the opposite of that!  Now I know why all the girls on the Bachelor freak out and cry when they see one.  It was the neatest thing to watch and I may or may not have teared up for some reason.  I stood there with Jake and we got our hair blown to pieces and he loved every second.

So thankful we have opportunities like this!  I think the highlight of my childhood was going to Thunderbird Roller Rink and my kids have easily surpassed that by their first birthday.

Kids these days!

Behind is the New Ahead

I know.  The title to this post is so philosophical, I myself can’t quite figure it out.  But let’s just say that I feel like I’m always playing catch up.

The past two months have literally been a zoo for us.  One of us has been out of town every weekend since mid-January and we haven’t had time to catch our breath and do normal family things.  We have one more trip this weekend and then we decided that we have to start saying “no” and just enjoy things around here for awhile.  I don’t want our kids to remember their childhood as running around all the time!

Today was so wonderful and after naps, we took the boys fishing at the creek in our neighborhood.  It gave us a time to just relax, be “us”, and enjoy each other.  Something that can get so easily overlooked when everyone is running different ways.

And our kids are only 3 and 1?  Lord help us!

iphone11But before I get to fishing, let’s just focus on this little guy.  He kills me.

iphone14 Ok back to fishing.  This was sort of an “over the river, through the woods” excursion, but Seth promised a “fishing oasis” at the end of our journey.

iphone15 If oasis means a decent strip of sandy beach next to a creek, he got it right :)

iphone16 The boys had so much fun playing in the sand and fishing.  We could’ve stayed here all day.

iphone17 iphone18 And we caught one tiny fish.  The boys were ecstatic and proceeded to touch it.  A lot.

And now I can’t remember if they even washed their hands before dinner.

iphone19 I love our family and the time we are given to spend together!  The world goes so fast these days and it’s nice to forget about things, if only for a little awhile at least!

iphone12And in the spirit of the rodeo, Jake dressed like a cowboy at school last week and for once, really wanted to dress up.  So we went all out.

Giddy up, y’all!

Sirens and Lights

Right as I was putting the boys down this afternoon I got a phone call from our old neighbor, Lindsey, saying “get the boys over here now, my friend is bringing her fire truck for the kids to see!” I knew the boys would absolutely love it, so we threw down our books and hopped in the car.

fire truck 7 I love this picture of the boys as the truck is driving up. Luke was over the moon and Jake & Drew were tired and confused.  It’s not like mommy to just back out on naptime like that!

fire truck 3The firefighters were awesome.  They let the boys climb all over the truck.  One of the first things Jake asked was “But do you know Heat Wave?? He is a rescue bot that transforms into a fire truck!”

fire truck 2fire truck 4We miss our old neighbors!  Luckily they only moved 3 minutes away.

fire truck 5Drew was cracking us up.  He just stood in front of the truck closing his eyes doing his “cheese” face.  He took this experience very seriously.

fire truck 6One of the coolest things was that they raised their ladder for the boys.  I have never seen anything like it!  It was huge.  The kids were going nuts and even got to see the lights and sirens.

fire truck 8 fire truckThis was the perfect interruption to our afternoon and Jake is still talking about the fire truck!  Poor kid got strep over the weekend so hasn’t felt well and missed out on school and gymnastics this week.

I think this made up for it!

Visiting Nana

Last weekend we got to visit Nana (my mom) and see her new house in Tyler.  The boys were so excited to go and now Jake thinks that it’s time for us to get a new house too.  Because why not?  I hear they are super cheap.

We visited the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler on Saturday which I would highly recommend.  There was hardly anyone there and we got to see so many animals really close up.  The boys were super excited to see the penguins!  The Houston Zoo doesn’t have them and Jake’s class had been talking about them at school recently.  They went bananas and we even got to see them being fed!

023 055 The giraffes, elephants, zebras, warthogs, and ostriches were all together and it was like a little glimpse of Africa.

059 078 And for whatever reason, goats are a big hit with our kids.  Drew went from goat to goat in the petting zoo yelling “GOAT!”.

085 We also got to see Papa and Nanny…our kids don’t know how lucky they are to have 7 living great grandparents!!

090 We were sad to go but had a great time.  The boys love their Nana.

094Drew even gave out more kisses.

phone4 And this loaded out of order but my goodness.  I couldn’t believe how close we were to this leopard.  What a beautiful animal.  That was one neat thing about the zoo…most of the big animals were up close and personal opposed to far away and sleeping (talking to you, Houston zoo!)

Drewbie Drew is 20 Months

Drew is now 20 months old.  Yikes!  We are slowly being reminded of all the fun and not-so-fun things that happen in this transition from 1 to 2 years.  Thank the good Lord above that he has yet to throw a huge tantrum like an anonymous older brother had done about 45,000 times at this point in life.  Because nobody can handle that 2 times in a row.

I always tell Seth that Drew may be a handful and wear us out, but he makes up for it by being the sweetest little guy.  He is all about hugs and kisses.  Drew loves a good cuddle and now wants to be “rocked” before bed.  (Also known as his #1 stalling technique, but hey, it’s working)

Drew goes to bed between 7-7:30 and wakes up about 7:30.  He takes 1 nap a day that is usually 2-3 hours.  The early in the day he naps, the longer the nap.  So I’ll let you guess if he naps earlier or later.

062x Drew is 27 lbs and almost as tall as Jake (FYI, Jake was 30 lbs at 3 years so Drew is quickly catching up!).  He wears 18-24 month shirts and pants, size 5 shoes, and a size 5 diaper.  (Jake is still in 2T…ha!)

He absolutely adores Jake and can’t wait to see him when he wakes up in the mornings and at naps.  They hold hands all the time, hug, wrestle, and play pretty well together.  Drew also gets so excited to see our good friends and grandparents.  His eyes light up right away.

Drew still doesn’t say a whole lot but his words include: night night, mama, nahnah (aka, dada…he won’t say that D! and also calls Jake the same thing), dog, car, goat, cat, bye, ish (fish), ma (milk), bath, ball, book, bubble, tee tee, and booger (sorry, just keeping it real here).  I think he could say more, because he randomly said “Papa” when we saw my grandpa last week and then repeated “elbow” the other day.  He uses the signs for more, milk, and all done for everything else.  Oh and let’s not forget that we can make animal sounds with the best of them.

42 By the way, here is how Jake celebrated his 20 month birthday!

(He was thrilled)

Drew loves to sing songs, play chase, push cars, play outside, eat, play hide n seek, read books, pester the dogs, and “help” around the house.  When he wants something, he is absolutely frantic until he gets it.  He is strong-willed, but not nearly as much as Jake.  Drew is fun-loving, giggly, thoughtful, persistent, a Daddy’s boy, and makes us laugh every day.

I get asked all the time if the boys are twins (I just don’t see it) but your hair color is now lighter than Jake’s and you’ve still got those curls.  You also have the biggest belly this side of the Mason-Dixon line. It’s out of control!

As we get closer to 2, we are just blown away by how much Drew has changed.  Drew, you will always be our “baby” but you are quickly turning into a little boy!

Jake the Snake

I thought it was about time we looked into a typical day in the life of Jake.  And I’m just now realizing I could make this post a lot cuter by taking pictures of each event every day but that just sounds a little exhausting, doesn’t it?

Jake is now 3.33 (but for rounding purposes, let’s just say 3.5 shall we?).  He is goofy, focused, VERY inquisitive, talkative, creative, silly, energetic, smart, strong-willed, and (for the most part) well-behaved.  He is potty trained (except for at night) and can even nap during the day and stay dry.  For whatever reason, Jake has taken more naps this year than he has the entire last year of his life.  I’m afraid a big growth spurt might be in our future!

He goes to bed around 8pm and gets up at about 7:30-8am.  Jake “rests” in his room each day for about an hour…reading books, singing songs, or sometimes falling asleep.


If we let him, Jake would sit in front of the TV or on the iPad the entire day.  I’m afraid he’s my child.  His friends will come over to play and they’ll want to watch a movie…Jake’s buddies will lose interest after about 5 minutes and he sits through an entire movie without moving a muscle.  Both good and bad for me!

He loves to color, make crafts (this is his favorite part of school and church), ride his bike (he is OBSESSED right now and asks daily to take off his training wheels), read books, draw, play with his Rescue Bots and Batman toys, and is starting to enjoy games.  Jake LOVES to play with his friends.  He squeals with excitement when he sees them.  I would say he’s probably more of a mama’s boy but definitely loves time with Daddy…especially when they wrestle.


The thing I love about Jake is how many questions he asks.  A 3 year old mind is still so innocent and it blows me away the things he comes up with.  The other day his shirt said “Heartbreaker” and he asked me if that was because his heart had to break for Jesus to come inside.  It takes many people their whole life to figure that one out!  He is so curious about our bones, blood, heart, brain, etc and always wants to know how things work.  He will sit with me and talk and answer questions for long periods of time.  These times are so special to me because I know he won’t want to talk forever!  He’ll come home from school and tell me about what his friends ate for lunch, what so-and-so said when they were playing, sing the songs they sang in music, what they learned in chapel.  I hear it all!  (Which, as a result, he has also become a big tattle-tale…HA!)

022(Hard to tell, but he is sitting in front of a penguin aquarium)

Jake can count to 20, knows his ABC’s for the most part (he can identify most letters) and can write “O”, “Q”, “S”, “T”, and “a baby i”, as he says.  I’ve noticed that he has started to memorize several of his books and reads along with me.  He makes up silly songs and has the silliest facial expressions.

He goes to school on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9-2 and takes gymnastics on Tuesday mornings.  I wasn’t sure how gymnastics would go, but he’s been doing this for about 9 months and has a blast.  He’s also hoping to play soccer this spring with some of his school friends.  Which is great, because we know a lot about soccer.

Kick the ball, score a goal…right?

How can you even capture everything about your child’s life in one blog post?  It’s impossible.  I feel like I’ve shared so much yet there is so much I’m sure I’ve left out.

But Jake, when you read this one day (which, of course you will because boys are just so sentimental, right?), just know that you are LOVED, you are BLESSED, and you are JOY.


How is it Already February?

February is a busy month for us for some reason.  Which may be good for you because that also means lots of pictures!


I know, Drew feels your pain.

phone2 The boys are getting along so well lately which is making things easier around here.  Brothers and friends…I love it!

phone1Tomorrow Drew turns 20 months and Jake turns 40 months (40 months sounds a lot bigger than 3.5 I think!).  I want to do a post for each boy to talk about what they’ve been up to because as much as we try to prevent it…they just keep growing.

So I may start giving them a cup of coffee each morning because my Dad always said it would stunt my growth.  Maybe it would stunt their ages too.

I also have plans to discuss my latest obsession…young adult literature.  I can’t help it.  It’s just so good!

So until then…

Memory Verse #3

“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”

Ephesians 4:32