Boys, Boys, and More Boys

I’m usually not one to obsess over the weather, but we have had awesome weather lately in Houston!  It has been so pretty out and luckily not too hot yet.  Jake had a friend from school come stay with us a few days this week and they had such a great time.  They kept calling each other their “best friends” and it was so sweet.

phone1 Two 3 year olds behind the wheel is nothing but trouble!

phone2 Drew has just been the sweetest thing lately.  He is learning more words and I think the improved communication is helping us understand each other better.  He still throws a fit every now and then but it’s getting easier for now…

He is constantly messing with our dog gate (above).  Instead of playing with toys, he likes to follow the dogs around, say “no no no” and shake his finger in their face, and then he will move the gate to keep them away.

phone3 Drew and the sprinkler is like a moth to a flame.  He loves playing in the water!

phone4Love these sweet brothers.  They share well about 30% of the time!

I wanted to share a couple links with you…

The boys and I made these Resurrection Rolls this morning.  This was such a neat way to illustrate the Easter story and they really enjoyed eating them too!

Also, I read this article just now and thought it was worth sharing:  7 Questions for Christians.

I am behind posting several things…we’ve been to the rodeo and already had our first Easter egg hunt.  But those will have to wait for now.

Enjoy this Easter weekend with friends and family!

Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

John 20:29

Bluebonnet Boys

On Tuesday evening we had the boys pictures taken in the bluebonnets.  I haven’t seen too many in our area yet but there was one thick patch just perfect for some pictures!

Jess Coleman of Frugal Fotography took these and did a great job.  Jake was super cooperative and I was really proud of him.  Drew, not so much.  He had a death grip around my neck the entire time and would scream if I would put him down.  I was so disappointed because he is mostly a happy kid and we weren’t able to capture his cute smile.  I’ll set my expectations a little lower next year…


IMG_7078 IMG_7091 IMG_7110 Our best shot of the two boys together.  Just imagine they are looking and smiling.IMG_7130 Oh Drewbie.

IMG_7131 I literally had to set him down and run.  This was a millisecond before he started crying.IMG_7138Sweet boys sharing a flower.

I love all the spring weather we’ve been having (except for the days it has been 90 degrees…yikes) and the time spent outside.  Bluebonnets and all the other wildflowers growing this time of year make Texas a beautiful place to live!

Wrinkle Cream, Rescue Bots, and Prayer

I know.  And the way I will pull these three topics together in a minute will be amazing.

So as I (slowly) approach my 30th birthday, the issue of wrinkle prevention has become highly relevant.  I feel like I have pretty good skin, HOWEVER, I want to make sure I have pretty good skin in another 30 years.  So now I use wrinkle cream and eye cream.  I might as well be 80.  But I’m also starting to panic that I didn’t use this 10 years ago.

Some wrinkles are fine.  But wrinkles I can prevent are even better.

And you know what mainly gives me wrinkles?  Things like trying to help the Easter Bunny find a possibly extinct Rescue Bot toy that Jake has been begging for since Christmas.

(We really focus on the important things in life over here)

For example…everytime I read this, I can’t help but laugh at our pathetic-ness…

textI know more of you are probably horrified at my husband’s spelling (for real, it gives me nightmares) and are overlooking the main point here. 1.  We are frantically texting over Rescue Bots.  2. I have sent him on a mission while on a work trip to search for a toy in another city. 3. And oh yeah, he can’t spell.

Santa only gave Jake some of the Rescue Bots for Christmas.  And it appears that he didn’t plan well with the Easter Bunny and the retail industry while also making promises to said child that he would get his dream toy for Easter if he was a good listener.  Y’all.  He tells everyone about this toy, including perfect strangers.

But now we seem to have a lead and the Easter Bunny is in luck.  I’m also a little weirded out by the Easter Bunny too.  I never seemed to question his existence when I was little but now there are just too many unanswered questions.  Where does he live?  Does he have helpers?  Why does he look so creepy in the mall?

Moving on.

I told you I would pull this together.

It’s super important to me that we teach our children to pray.  Not just to memorize written prayer, although it can be important at times.  But I want them to know that they can tell God anything.  That they can sit and talk to him like they talk to me or Seth.  Give Him their praise, share their pain, and thank Him for our blessings.

We’ve been praying with the boys at night since they were born and as soon as Jake could talk, we would “guide” his prayers and help him to start saying them on his own.  Last week I was in his room and asked Jake to start the prayer.  I told him to think of things he was thankful for or things he was happy to have and to tell God thank you.

The first thing out of his mouth was “Thank you for Joseph and his really colorful coat” (Genesis 37)

Now, my kids may not listen to much that I say (well, it seems that way sometimes) but to hear that he had actually absorbed something from the Bible we hadn’t talked about a whole lot just brought tears to my eyes and I left his room that night, feeling like my heart could burst.  Hearing his little mind trying to reason through Noah and the Ark, Moses parting the Red Sea, the birth of Jesus, and so many other stories has been one of the biggest blessings of being a mom so far.

I don’t strive for my kids to be the smartest in their class, the best athlete, or the best looking.  Lord knows their mama wasn’t!  But I would have no greater joy than to help nurture hearts of compassion, a bold faith, and a servant heart in these two boys.

After Jake thanked God for Joseph, he followed with…

“And thank you for Optimus Prime.  And thank you for Boulder, and thank you for Heat Wave, and thank you for Blades and his helmet.”

Look, at least he learned something.

Rescue Bots.  Roll to the Rescue.

Headed to the Big D and I Don’t Mean Dallas. Because it was actually Ft. Worth.

Last weekend Seth was in a wedding for one of his childhood friends, so we headed to Ft. Worth to join in the festivities.  We were nervous about the kids being in a hotel for two nights but they did great.  Now if only we could get Drew to enjoy riding in the car…

wedding1 I love this picture of me and Seth.  Sometimes I worry so much about getting pictures of the kids that I forget about us!  He looked so handsome dressed up in those suspenders!

wedding2 I’m still not sure Jake understands what a wedding is, but he had a great time regardless!

wedding3 Seth, Randy, Dave (the groom), Steve, Zach, and Owenwedding8 It was so nice to see everyone – we hung out with so many of these friends in college and we don’t get to catch up that often.  We truly are blessed with the best friends wherever we go!

wedding7 Drew was going 90 miles a minute at the reception.  I had to post this to show you just how hard it was to get a picture with him.  He didn’t have time to sit still!

wedding6 We couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a good photo booth!  As a friend mentioned, I just wish Seth had dressed up.

wedding5 Jake with his Nonnie and Popo.  The goal was for Drew to be in this picture too.  But you saw our chances of that.

wedding4And we got him!  I love my little family and we had a great time celebrating the marriage of Dave and Bri!

It Appears My Phone Has Become My New Camera

Which totally makes sense because it’s not like we spent money to get a nice camera to take pictures of our kids or anything.

We have been up to all sorts of things lately.  The beginning of the week is usually pretty hectic for us…from Monday through Wednesday, we have Jake’s preschool, gymnastics, my class (at night), and my morning Bible study.  So on Thursday and Friday we usually lay around in our pjs for longer than socially acceptable or play with friends.

iphone20My friend, Kim, and I took our kids to the Houston Children’s Museum a couple weeks ago and the kids had a great time.  It’s a lot bigger than the one we have in The Woodlands and  it was a fun “adventure” downtown.  We loaded up all the kids in her minivan (keyword: HER) and made a day of it.  Jake loves his best buds Jack and Blake!

photo bomb We’ve also been working on our “technology skills” at home.  As you can see from above, Jake has a real eye for photography.  Very abstract.

cowboy jake Jake’s teachers sent this picture home from Rodeo Day.  Nothing says “pain” and “I need a haircut” so clearly to me.  Mom fail!  I promise he enjoyed dressing up though!

iphone7 A few weeks ago we met my sister and her husband at the Rainforest Cafe in Katy.  I was a little unsure of what the boys would think but they loved it!  They were mesmerized by all the animals.

iphone6 We enjoyed spending the day with them!  We basically both live in Houston but are still an hour apart.  Boo.

iphone9We also sneaked a visit to the bookstore so I could get my copy of Sparkly Green Earrings signed by none other than Melanie Shankle of the “Big Mama” blog.  I have been reading her blog since college (so what…2 years? :)) and it was fun finally meeting her in person!  As I promised Rachel, this was not the main reason for our visit to Katy but it sure was an added bonus!  If you haven’t heard of the book yet, you need to read it.  Now!  It’s a wonderful memoir and women of all ages would enjoy reading it.  My inspiration for going from blog to book.  Except maybe I’ll just stick with the blog part for now.

iphone13And I don’t want to forget about Drewbie.  Or “Droob” as Jake has now started calling him. While the big kids take gymnastics, he looks forward to sharing snacks with his best bud, Kennedy.

Jake only has a few more weeks of gymnastics and then we are excited to start swimming lessons in April with both boys!  This could either be complete success or complete disaster.  But we’ll be spending a lot of time at the pool this summer so better freshen up on the butterfly and backstroke while we can.

What, your 1 year old can’t do that?

Flirting with the Devil

…is just what I did when I consumed an unidentified food source last Tuesday that contained our favorite bacteria E. coli (an uneducated guess).

By Wednesday, I flat out asked Seth to shoot me because at that point, it seemed better than the alternative.

Now that it’s Sunday, I am thankful my husband doesn’t always listen to everything I say.  But let’s just say I had a miserable few days and still have a weak stomach.  God bless the man who invented vacation days so that Seth could stay home and take care of the kids for me!

Also, I don’t think your prayer life is ever as good as it is when you’re sleeping on the bathroom floor.


drewLuckily I have had some sweet nurses to take care of me the rest of the week.  My little doctors have thoroughly examined me with their medical kit and have declared me fit to return to work.

We had a nice relaxing weekend with zero plans.  Seth was able to get some work done in the yard (glamorous life in the suburbs we have) and I was able to get some rest.

This next week is our “Spring Break”.  This is super exciting as a kid (or teacher!) but also means it’s a week to hide out at home because you know all public places will be a zoo!  I am looking forward to the extra time with my boys and not having to rush off to work in the evenings!

And last but not least…my March memory verse…

You will seek me and find me, when you search for me with all your heart.

Jeremiah 29:13