But I’m Bored…



“You kids don’t know how lucky you are…”

I always remember my parents telling us that when we were little.  We would complain about thing like “being so bored”, “not liking our toys”, “why isn’t my favorite TV show on”, etc

And then we’d have to listen to how my dad walked uphill in the snow both ways to school everyday (debatable…it is Texas, people), they only had sticks to play with, and a random assortment of other moans and groans.

I guess it’s the same thing I will be telling Jake and Drew except it will be…”I didn’t have an iPad when I was 3…we didn’t even have cell phones!”, “We couldn’t teleport ourselves to school, we had to ride the school bus…without A/C!”

I know, I had it so tough.

phone1 So it’s funny to me when I see all the fun things our kids experience but at the same time, they (mostly Jake) are complaining about how bored they are.  Life’s tough.

phone2 I hope they always enjoy life’s simple joys…like fishing!  We are lucky to live in a neighborhood with a “lake” and a big creek.  We love to go out and catch our dinner.  Or pretend like we do at least.

phone3 phone4 Even Drew is joining in on the action.  He is a little more reckless with the fishing pole so onlookers beware!

phone6 Drew loves his little girlfriend, Kate.  They walk their big brothers into preschool every week and this week Drew decided to escort Kate.  It was so sweet!

phone7 I love these random cool fronts we keep having.  We will be wearing shorts one day and winter clothes the next.  Crazy Texas.  Drew has finally realized how to say ‘cheese’ and doesn’t hold anything back!

phone8And Jake loves getting into Daddy’s things while he’s at work.  I think he has a few more years before these fishing boots actually fit…

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  We are setting our goals low and hoping Jake at least stands on the soccer field this Saturday.

I’m hoping we are pleasantly surprised!!

Snuggles and Strawberries

We have had lots of visitors lately and the boys have loved the extra attention.  Nana came to visit, along with my sister and her husband.  We were glad the visit coincided with one of Jake’s soccer games…I’m sure they were all super excited to drive all this way and see Jake sit in my lap the entire time…

006 He actually sat in a lot of laps…

034 Chillin’ with Aunt Rachel

037 Playing robots with Uncle Kyle


Drew was around too, I promise.  We played soccer, went fishing at the creek, and had lots of good family time!

048 We picked strawberries last week with some friends…I just love this picture!

(Kennedy, Lexi, Drew, Macie, and Jake)

These girls are some of the boy’s best buds and I hate that they’re all growing up too fast.  Jake loved picking all the berries and Drew just re-distributed them among everyone’s buckets.

053 058

I just noticed that Jake is holding applesauce while also picking berries.  My kids would seriously rather snack all day than eat a solid meal.  They are eating all day long!

We are looking forward to a relaxing weekend and quality time with Daddy.  Seth has been gone this week for work so we are all ready for him to come home!

And I am ready for a pedicure.

Hint hint, Seth.

Hugging my Babies

 Life just doesn’t seem to be fair lately.

In December, I held my babies so tight as we learned of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary.

In January, I held my babies tight as I learned there had been a shooting at one of the Lonestar College campuses here in Houston.  Thankfully, it wasn’t my location but still a little too close to home.

This month, I held my babies tight as the news reported 14 students stabbed at yet another Lonestar College campus here in Houston.

Last week, I grieved with some dear friends of ours who lost their 10 month old niece.

jamieAnd I hugged my babies tight as we celebrated her new life with Jesus.

And yesterday, I laid on the couch with my babies and held them tight as I received news of the Boston Marathon explosions.  I prayed for friends who had family members running the marathon and wondered just how much more we could take.

But through all of this tragedy, I take comfort in knowing one thing.

I know who goes before me
I know who stands behind
The God of angel armies
Is always by my side

YouTube Preview Image

 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 8:38-39

There’s No “I” in Team…but Jake Wishes There Was!

We had a great weekend with my family and I’ll get to those pictures soon.  It requires plugging the camera in though and it’s all the way across the room.

In the meantime, we’re still recovering from Jake’s first soccer game.

soccer It came as quite the shocker that there would be other kids trying to kick the ball too.  Jake and his friend, Lexi, spent half the game crying but maybe we will use this as motivation for next week!

drew Drew was cheesin’ it up all weekend too.  Can’t get over that face – so funny!

boys1Thankful for the blessings of beautiful weather and family!


Oh the Bunny…


So this year, the Easter Bunny was a little too thoughtful, and left us with a stomach bug.

If you know me well, you know how I feel about these.

The second someone in a 50 mile radius of me starts throwing up, I want to cry, disinfect everything I can see, cry again, and start praying fervently that it is short-lived.  Want me to come over and visit after you puked 3 weeks ago?

Not without my hazmat suit.

SO.  We were all ready for church and Drew had slept in.  I was so super proud that we were going to get to church EARLY (gasp) and knew we’d have plenty of time for pictures. So I went in to get Drew so he could get dressed and found him covered in vomit.  (TMI?  Sorry, this is the story)

Seth quickly changed back out of his nice clothes and Jake and I went to church by ourselves.  This was a small victory for me because I am usually the cleaner-upper in these circumstances.

173The Easter Bunny came while we were at church and Jake was so excited to get home and see what he (she?) had brought.

176 Drew was not very excited.  Poor thing was just pitiful and cried most of the morning.

178 185 He didn’t even want to hunt eggs, and you know how good he is at that!

(Let’s point out the outfit change, people.  It was a disastrous morning.)


Jake made it out pretty well and was thoughtful enough to share some of his loot with brother.


So we spent the rest of the week like this.  Jake got the bug on Tuesday and had to miss school Wednesday and Seth and I maintained a weird, queasy feeling in our stomachs all week.

And I have been spraying Lysol in this house like it’s my job.

Well, actually, I guess it is.

And no, I didn’t get my Easter morning picture.  So we will be “re-doing” Easter this Sunday so we can pretend like the puking never happened.

Except I bet we won’t be early to church!

Crawfish Boil

Every year Seth’s parents host a big crawfish boil at their house so it’s fun to go catch up with friends and family that we don’t always get to see.

That morning while the men were preparing the fish, the boys helped Nonnie plant her vegetable garden.  Let’s go ahead and use the term “help” loosely.

113 They got the cutest little hoe and rake and loved playing in the dirt.  I told Seth’s mom that if the plants survive it will be a miracle because I think the squash got stomped on more than a few times!

116 Working hard for his money

121 Someone has learned how to “pose”!

124Drew spent more time hitting people with the hoe instead of actually using it.  This picture was taken about 0.4 seconds before Jake started crying.  Oops.  At least I have proof.

129 Jake drove the plants around in his Gator.  They worked hard and their bath was well-deserved that night!

138 And of course we had to hunt some Easter eggs…

139 143 I love this picture of Jake, Elizabeth (their cousin), and Drew checking out the crawfish in the cooler.

147 Jake was so brave!  Once he started touching the crawfish, he didn’t want to stop.  Like I said, the bath was well-deserved.

157 Drew had his turn too.  They got the biggest kick out of them!  They would squat down, say “Ewww”, and scream…half out of fear, half out of delight.

162 Jake and Drew with Popo, Nonnie, and Chase.


If Hunting Easter Eggs Was Their Job…

…Our boys would be some rich sons of guns!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  Our church promoted a “it’s not about the bunny” theme this year, which I loved.  Because hello, have you seen the Easter Bunny at the mall?  He is creepy and nothing about him says “Jesus is Risen”.


There is never any harm in doing a few egg hunts!

egg hunt 2Our Sunday school class hosted an egg hunt the week before Easter at a local park.  We have done this every year since we’ve had kids and always have a great time.  It’s so fun to see how our group has grown…when we first started attending, hardly anyone had kids.  Now we are bursting with them!

Drew knew exactly what to do.  I think it must be innate.

egg hunt 3 This was old hat for Jake but he didn’t let that stop him.  I think he had found his designated number of eggs in about 3.7 seconds.

egg hunt 4 I think they had more fun opening the eggs than enjoying what was actually inside!

egg hunt1 Most of the kids before the hunt started.  Nobody wanted to line up and take a picture for me.  I wonder why.

098The week before Easter we dyed Easter eggs.  The boys got to wear their Batman aprons from their Minaw and loved making a mess.

101 Jake took his job very seriously.

104 Drew, on the other hand, broke every single egg I gave him.

107But he didn’t care, of course!  He still had a blast.  That face is sweet but trouble!

Stay tuned to hear what the Easter bunny brought for Easter…

I’ll give you a hint.

It starts with stomach.

And ends with bug.

Spring Break Fun

If you stay home with young children, you know that Spring Break isn’t really much different from any other week.  Except that traffic patterns change, public places are crowded, and you’re expected to have a week full of fun.

So of course we didn’t disappoint.

drew1 We played with friends, ate ice cream…

jake wanted more ice cream…

rodeo1 Seth and I got a date night at the Rodeo (our first and maybe only rap concert…Pitbull!)

rodeo2 And the boys and I went to the rodeo the next day with Nonnie and Popo.

rodeo3 Playing in the John Deere exhibit is a major favorite!

rodeo4 We rode some rides (luckily my participation was limited)

rodeo5 And Jake loved every bit of it!

rodeo6Drew even got in on the action and loved them too.  Jake was so sweet to show Drew how to “ride” the little tractor.

Can you see their sweat?  It was so hot!  The day we were at the rodeo it felt like summer…and the past few days it has felt like fall.  No wonder our allergies are driving us crazy!