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Happy Birthday Party to You

We decided to have a small family party for Drew this year…and let me tell you.  It’s a lot easier and was just as fun!  All of Drew’s favorite people came in town to celebrate.  Since most everyone lives out of town, we were so thankful to our family for making the drive!  We all went out to eat at a local pizza place and then let the kids play in the fountains outside of the restaurant afterward.

And I’m pretty sure all the adults were about to jump in since outside birthday parties in June equal SWEAT.

019 Me and the birthday boy.  He did not care about his birthday and just wanted to play on my phone.  Typical.

027 Uncle Michael, Aunt Rachel, and Grandpa (or Peepaw, if you ask Drew)

029 Drew isn’t exactly my water boy so this probably wasn’t his dream come true.  He was a good sport though!

045 051 This kid on the other hand…you would’ve thought it was his birthday.  He kept saying things like “Oh, I hope Drew gets lots of Transformers!!  I hope Drew gets a new robot!”  Wishful thinking big brother.

061 084 So sweet.  Drew and his Popo looking at the ducks.

085 087 And of course we had to cool off even more with popsicles!

099 102 103 Family picture – love all these people!

112Nana stayed an extra couple days to play with the boys and they couldn’t have been happier. I think she couldn’t have been anymore worn out!  They kept her busy, that’s for sure.

Let’s hope it feels like eternity before Drew turns 3. Although sadly…it will be here before we know it.

I’ll be crying in the closet if you need me.

Drew Turns 2!

(You know you haven’t posted in awhile when you can’t even remember the password to your blog.)

(Translation: we spend our days at the pool and don’t have time for computers.)

Last weekend, Drew turned 2!  How this day has come and gone just blows my mind.  What a fun 2 years it has been!

013 Two years ago, I was certain we were about to turn Jake’s life upside down.  Which we did…and nothing but good has come of it!  These two sweet boys are the best of buds (most of the time) and we have loved seeing them grow together!  Drew is quickly catching up to Jake in size and I get asked all the time if they are twins.  Which just cracks me up.

008Some words to describe Drew are: joy, delight, rambunctious, easy-going, giggly, focused, monkey, protective, sweet, snuggly, loving, a mess, and persistent!  He has learned quickly how to get what he wants.

IMG_4266 Drew has been through a major MAJOR Daddy phase this year.  It has started to get better recently and I have become slightly more than chopped liver.  So cheers to that.  He is such a cuddle bug and I just can’t get enough of him.

IMG_4264He also doesn’t mess around with his queso.  This is one of those times we just rolled with the punches and probably grossed out everyone in a 10 ft vicinity of us.  Drew loves to eat his queso like cheese soup and then licks the bowl to make sure he hasn’t missed a bit.  He has watched his Daddy one too many times.

IMG_4260Drew isn’t the biggest fan of the water but likes to just float around the baby pool with his turtle float.  And of course he needs his shades.  Cool as a cucumber.

IMG_4252 We had his 2 year check up this week and he was 27 lbs (40%) and 34.5 inches (60%).  Drew did great and took his shot like a champ.  I’d like to thank the endless hours of watching Doc McStuffins for that one.

IMG_4248 Drew’s vocabulary has really picked up…I can’t possibly write all that he says but he is repeating a lot and starting to put phrases together a lot better.  Some of our favorites are: “Peas!” (please…gets us every time), “Tank You”, “Teetle” (turtle), iPad (oh he says this one a LOT), “A Chug” (Chuggington), Maggie, Tucker, “Yesh” (yes), “A Tip Toe!” (Means Read “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”), “Baywee” (Bailey)…

…gosh, I could go on but I got distracted reading my blog from 2011 when Jake turned 2.  My babies are not babies anymore and now I will politely excuse myself to use a box of Kleenex.

…and we’re back.


Drew is taking 1 nap a day for about 1.5-2 hours.  There are days I think he could probably drop his nap but if you remember, Jake dropped his circa 20 months old.  His BFF’s Blake and Jack still nap at 4.  SO, that being said, Drew can nap as long as he wants! :) He now knows how to climb out of his crib and after he wakes up says “Myself!” meaning he wants to climb out on his own.  Jake never acquired this skill…let’s just hope all bones and teeth stay accounted for!

IMG_4231 Drew’s favorite foods are sausage and cheese.  What else does a kid need?  Never in my life did I imagine going through so many packages of Little Smokies.  He won’t eat sandwiches really so he sticks to peanut butter crackers, cheese, mac & cheese, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, spaghetti, most breakfast foods, pizza (can you see the healthy trend here?), and any type of pepperoni or sausage.  He will not touch any fruit besides the applesauce pouches but we have finally sneaked raisins in his diet and he seems to like them enough.

Jake could just eat crackers all the live long day.

IMG_4242I know I’m leaving so much out but how can you possibly describe your baby boy in just 1,000 words? :)  We are so PROUD of you, Drew and thank God everyday for your fun-loving self.  I know this coming year has so many changes but it just keeps getting more fun.  Happy Birthday to Drew!

Boys of Summer

Before I had kids, when I was an amazing mother, I used to think that moms didn’t do that much.  I mean, they just kept their kids alive, what’s the big deal?  I was disgusted when I heard crying kids in the store and couldn’t believe a mom would wipe boogers with her bare hands.

Now that I am eating my own words, I have quickly realized that kids require just a little bit more than that and raising them is hard work!  But I am blessed to reap the fruits of that hard work every day…one hug or big kiss is almost enough to erase the memory of the booger I accidentally ate when Drew stuck his boogery finger in my mouth.

IMG_3994 Drew is the biggest mess and the biggest blessing to our family!  He is everything Jake is not and as a result, has really helped Jake come out of his shell.  I think giving him a little brother is one of the best gifts he will ever receive.  And he wasn’t even on sale.

(And no, we weren’t going swimming…just checking the mail!)

IMG_4122 IMG_4123 The boys love a good carousel.  Not all my friends love taking their kids to the mall but I think it’s the perfect morning!  We get there before it opens and play on the playground, go visit the pet store, eat in the food court, ride the carousel, and call it a day.  I’m happy, they’re happy, win win.

IMG_4140 IMG_4144 IMG_4146 Jake and his friend Corben.  We spent the morning with him at a splashpad and park and they were nonstop.  I’ve discovered lots of good ways to wear the kids out!

IMG_4156We took the boys to a local college baseball game the other night…they were pumped to watch the game but after the first hit Jake clapped and asked, “Is it over now?”.  We barely made it 2 innings and had to leave because they were so bored.  I guess we’ve become soccer snobs for now :)

The Sea World Trip that Wasn’t

When Drew and I picked Jake up from his last day of school, we had the car packed and ready to go for a road trip!  My friend Jessie moved to San Antonio a couple months ago so we were excited to see their new house and play with Bailey.  I was nervous about making the drive with the kids alone but they exceeded expectations.  They made it about 3 hours before breaking down so I will call that a success.

The only problem was that Thursday morning Drew woke up with a 102 fever.  We gave him some medicine and decided to continue on since Jake was so excited.  That also turned out to be a big mistake!

IMG_4063 Jessie, Bailey, and Jake on a ride.  I have discovered that I feel differently about amusement park rides than I did when I was 13.  And I loved them at 13 :)

IMG_4066 Jake and I were excited to see Shamu…you can tell how Drew felt about that.  I ended up standing with him outside the show because his fever spiked and he wouldn’t stop crying.  This is when I called Seth and said “sorry, but we have to leave!”

IMG_4068 On the way out of the park, we let Jake and Bailey cool down at the splashpad.  He had a great time and didn’t understand why we couldn’t play longer. I felt so bad for him!

IMG_4074 Miserable Drew

IMG_4075 Luckily the day was slightly redeemed by seeing a lot of the Sesame Street characters!  Jake was excited but didn’t want to stand alone with them.

IMG_4077 IMG_4078 IMG_4081 On the way out…Drew was done, Jake was confused, but we had 2 overpriced Shamus to show for it.

IMG_4094Drew and I ended up at a clinic later that evening when his temp got up to 104.5  Luckily nothing ended up being wrong but he felt so bad!

IMG_4098 We stopped by to “work” at Grandpa’s office on the way out.

IMG_4099 IMG_4102On the way back to Houston we stopped for ice cream and it seemed that Drew had a miraculous recovery!  Sigh.

We had a fun time seeing Jessie and Bailey and are anxious to go back again (with Seth this time) so we can do Sea World right! We miss our friends but are glad they’re only a few hours away!

Jake’s Last Day of Preschool

Jake had his last day of preschool on May 22nd.  He had a fantastic year…it was wonderful to see him grow, make new friends, and learn new things.  He was in the “Teddy Bear” class this year and now won’t stop talking about being a “Busy Bee” in the fall.  It is such a relief that he loves going to school!

033 This was Jake on his first day of school in September…

003And on our last day of school in May!

002Drew had to jump in too.  It took us two full years of preschool but now Jake finally wants to carry his backpack.  It’s almost his size!

006Jake and his teachers, Trish and Anne.  Words cannot express how wonderful they were. He loved them so much and we are so excited for Drew to have them next year.  They made a sweet little scrapbook for each kid to document the year (which is great because neither boy will ever see a scrapbook from me!).  Jake made so many new friends, played soccer with several of them this spring, and is excited to continue school with them in the fall.

In the meantime, bring on summer!  Except with winter temperatures…that would be nice. I about melted this week when it got up to 95.

And this is just the beginning.