Summer Snow

Eh…I wish.  But reading about snow in August is almost the same as being in it…right?

In late February we headed to Crested Butte, Colorado for a family trip.  If I could choose any vacation in the world for the rest of my life, it would be visiting the mountains!  You’re just happier in the snow.  What we didn’t know when we booked the trip (leaving on a Friday morning) was that Seth would be out of town traveling for work the week we left.  So it ended up being a little crazy and he had to meet us at the airport Friday morning from a connecting flight.  The boys and I managed to pack, get to the airport on time, and get everyone checked in without a hitch…I was pretty proud of myself.


Like the good little travelers we are, we got to the airport 2 hours early.  An then proceeded to wait through a 4 hour flight delay.  Hence, Drew bathing in germs on the floor above.


The boys were so excited to finally fly for the first time!  Jake read through every manual available and asked questions from take off until landing.


Since I got so cocky about everything going smoothly at the airport, of course we had some bumps.  It later took us 4 hours to drive 50 miles from the airport up to Crested Butte.  By the time we made it up there, it was 9pm and we were beyond starving.  But the boys were falling apart and Jake ended up falling asleep in his chair at the restaurant.  Jake never falls asleep anywhere he isn’t ‘supposed’ to so this was hysterical!




Seriously.  It doesn’t get much more beautiful than the mountains.

IMG_6113 Crested Butte has the best kids area…there was a snow playground, tubing, and more.  The kids loved it.


Finally getting to make a snow angel

IMG_6116 IMG_6120

Besides not wanting to wear warm clothes, Drew enjoyed the snow too!

IMG_6123 IMG_6127 IMG_6133 Such a happy kid to be there!


Daddy and Drew digging in the snow


My cool dudes

IMG_6165 IMG_6170

Drew enjoyed quite a few naps.  Walking in the snow is hard work!

IMG_6174 Me and Drew


Me and Jake


Jake decided he wanted to ski the last day we were there.  So him and Seth suited up and spent the day on the slopes.  He did awesome!  Jake had no fear and never got tired.  I hope both boys love skiing when they get older!


Jury is still out on Drew.  He just wanted to ride the lifts.

IMG_6199We were so sad to leave but had a great time!  If anyone is ever giving away a mountain home, let us know…

Da Boys

Before I get into the great cell phone conundrum, it’s only fair to quench your picture thirst. Everyone in this house but me (ok sometimes me) whines and complains about taking family pictures but they are one thing I will never ever regret!  Pictures are so special to me and I love looking back at how things have changed over the past several years!

IMG_1304 Jake (4.5 yrs).  Doesn’t get much sweeter than this.  Also can I give a shout out to Old Navy for the boys’ shirts?  I think they are absolutely adorable.

IMG_1306 ¹‘‹‘lÆðY܋ù¼


Jake and his daddy

IMG_1347I think someone probably shouted “act like you love each other” right before this picture…am I right?  Seth always says we need pictures with crying kids because that’s “real life”! :)


Oh my Drewbie.  This kid.  He is a handful.  A handsome handful.IMG_1392 IMG_1400

Drew (3 yrs)

IMG_1402Don’t let the smile fool you…he was trying to choke Seth.

IMG_1406 Pure joy.  This is the Drew I always want to capture on camera!  This is how he lives life.  (Except when he doesn’t get his way)


I die.  Nothing else to say about these.

IMG_1425Being a mom to these two is an incredible gift!

We are full swing into summer over here and I would say we’ve been swimming every day but the RAIN.  It’s great but sheesh.

So I can post from my phone now

On an app. Is this a thing? I felt like I was super on top of technology until I talked to the teenage employee at the AT&T store and instantly felt elderly.

Perhaps this will encourage me to post more. And I may start with the great phone debacle of 2014, also known as it was almost the end of my life as we know it. Really, no drama here at all.

Confused? Intrigued?

Stay tuned.


Shocking, right?  You didn’t think I’d be back so soon!

The boys had their pictures taken in the bluebonnets this weekend by one of our favorite photographers.  She does 15 minute sessions which are more than perfect for these boys who are finished after about 3 minutes!

IMG_5304 I just died.  Do you see why everyone asks me if they’re twins??

IMG_5298 We bribed them with sticks to smile. I love the above picture of Drew because that’s his true smile and oh so hard for us to capture on the camera!

IMG_5282 IMG_5281 My handsome little babyIMG_5262 And my handsome little boy!

IMG_5268So thankful for the beautiful weather this weekend and all the time we got to spend outside!  I enjoy the outdoors until about May and then, ideally, would hibernate inside the rest of summer.  Don’t think I’ll get off that easy this year.

We’re Baaaaack


This is me.  Sheepishly hiding behind the pillow.  Life has happened.  And I haven’t blogged about it.  Hopefully all of you have avoided checking yourself into a rehab facility and have found other ways to pass your time.

I’m a little stressed because to catch up I’d have to go back to Halloween.  HALLOWEEN.  Not sure if I can handle that right now.  It’s nearly Easter for goodness sakes.  So let’s just take this step by step.  I’ll insert some pictures.  You oooh and ahh.  And I’ll list out our whereabouts instead of writing a 40 page long post.

SO let’s start at the beginning because it’s a very good place the start.

The beginning of Halloween that is.

Except, drat, the pictures loaded in reverse order.  I know, you may need a stiff drink to read this.

1. (except not 1) Christmas.  We had a busy Christmas visiting all our family.  We spent a few days with Seth’s parents, came home for a few days to do our family Christmas and wait for Santa (and it was touch and go there for awhile if he would actually come due to ahem…behavior), and then we went to my Mom’s house.

DSC_0114 Everyone is looking…everyone is smiling.  A complete miracle.

DSC_0052 DSC_0050 So happy to see that Santa pulled through!  Drew was happy for anything that had wheels.  Jake, on the other hand, had some very specific requests and was irritated when Santa brought him some extra things he didn’t ask for.

DSC_0044 Not sure what is going on here.

2. Family pictures.  Nailed it.

IMG_5347 IMG_5339 IMG_5326 IMG_5317 IMG_5247 3.  We visited my mom before Thanksgiving.  A couple weeks later Jake broke his arm at his great-grandmother’s house.  I have yet to find those pictures and am wondering when the last time I loaded pictures from the camera was.  Also, I don’t have a “2014″ picture folder on the computer yet so that’s never a good sign.


4.  Halloween!  Are you impressed with the advanced pumpkin carving?  This was quite a feat for Seth but the boys loved it.  The next day it rained, the pumpkin got soaked, and became moldy.144 180Jake was Raphael, the Ninja Turtle for Halloween and Drew chose to go as himself.  This kid does WHAT HE WANTS.  He was supposed to be Batman but there was zero chance of getting that costume on.  He has been a challenge in a whole different way from Jake but is just hysterical.

So in mid-December we also put our house on the market, sold it the next day, and had moved into another house in our neighborhood by the end of January.  So I’ll blame my absence on all that, deal?  The move was something we had prayed about for a long time.  We wanted a little extra space but still wanted to stay close to our friends.  Everything worked out so smoothly (well, as smoothly as all that can be) and we are now settled in a new house on the other side of our neighborhood.  There are tons of kids on our street and we are starting to adjust.  I’ve worked like a maniac (Seth might use psycho) on our house because I was so sick of boxes and wanted them gone ASAP.  So it’s nice for everything to feel like “home”.

Drew’s sleeping habits have gone from great to poop since we moved and now he sleeps like a newborn at night.  He is up every couple of hours and we are so tired.  And if you leave him to cry, he vomits everywhere, so that presents a whole new challenge!

Life is fun.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

Matthew 11:28-30