The Circus is in Town

No, not Barnum and Bailey’s.

In my crazy mind, it always seems like a “fun” idea to bring the kids along when the dogs have to go to the vet.  My memory blocks what happened the previous time and I imagine us all skipping around, laughing, and bonding over the dogs being so cute at their checkup.

Let’s get back to reality here.

Pretty sure we de-callibrated the dog scale.  If that’s a thing.

(For the record, Drew was 36lbs)

(I was not)

20150713_212201148_iOSWhy not bring your stuffed animal to the vet, Jake?  It’s not like it could catch a spare flea or tick from the previous patient.

Another thing is that veterinarians are just that for a reason.  They like dogs.  If they liked kids they would’ve been a pediatrician.  So it is a strange alternate universe when they look super pumped to see our dogs and weirded out by my kids. Although today they resembled wild monkeys so perhaps they were just worried about how to tranquilize a moving target.

So tomorrow, I will move my expectations a little lower and think twice before something seems like a fairy tale in my head.  Because fairy tales don’t involve sweating, threatening, tattle-telling, and time out.  They just don’t.  I know they don’t.

It’s good to be back.