15 Weeks and Counting…

Can you believe I am already 15 weeks pregnant??

I had to run to Target today to try and find some clothes. Some of my shirts are getting a little snug and the maternity clothes are still too big (most depressing trip ever…not only are they still big, they are UGLY). So I’m at the awkward fat stage. It stinks. Hopefully in the next month or so my body will commit to some sort of shape so that I can do something besides just wear unbuttoned pants. And I don’t understand how there is that dramatic of a difference. I’ve only gained maybe 3 or 4 pounds…maybe it’s just being distributed differently now.

We go back to the doctor on May 1st and are HOPING to see Baby A again. The nausea is mostly gone but I’ve still been picky with food. And oh my goodness I want soda so bad, but I am trying to restrain myself for the most part and just stick with water. I had to get a pillow for my chair at work because it is so uncomfortable to sit up straight. I almost have to recline. And I’ve had a lot of lower back pain too. It just keeps on getting better, folks! But I’m not one to complain so…….


We just pray for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy & happy baby! We can’t wait until October…it can’t get here soon enough!

2 thoughts on “15 Weeks and Counting…

  1. I see a bump! Too bad you can’t wear sweat pants and T-shirts to work, that would be comfy! I’m excited about October too, can’t wait to see baby A!

  2. That is funny because it seems that everytime I am searching through the sale racks at target I almost always pick out a top or dress that is maternity and then have to put it back.

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