32 Weeks and Nursery Pics!

Another week…a bigger belly! Thank goodness we’re in the home stretch (almost). My body is tired. I think I always do way too much on the weekends because by Sunday night I feel sore and exhausted. Or at least lately. On Friday, I had the bright idea to clean the baseboards in the house. Why not, right? I paid for that the next day. Hey, at least I have clean baseboards now. :) Perhaps just not something I would recommend to those with child. Or 8 months with child anyway.

So here I am. With my apparently 4 lb child.
Not sure this cami is going to make it until the end. It’s almost not doing the job anymore!

And now for why you’re really reading this post. I think we’re about done with the nursery (decorating-wise), especially since I got the finishing touch this weekend at my shower! So I figured now is as good as time as any to share with the world. All that’s missing is a baby. And me sleeping in the glider.

Doesn’t the new frame look great?! Seth’s Minaw gave us the red hat hanging on the peg. It was a hat his mom had as a baby (I’m probably not allowed to tell you how many years ago that was).

Just need to wash the crib sheet and we’re ready for a baby!

Can I take a minute to brag on myself? Good, because I am. See those canvases hanging on the wall? I made them! YEA ME! Talk about the most creative, artsy-fartsy thing I’ve ever done in my life (which…really, is kinda sad). I tried to match his bedding and they ended up turning out a lot better than I thought. Yes, I will make you some, and yes, they are a steal at $100 a piece! Get ‘em while they’re hot!!! :)

We were also lucky to borrow a bassinet from a friend of a friend. That will go in our room eventually and will be so nice to have at the very beginning when Jake arrives.

So so cute!
Here’s a sneak peek into his closet. I tried to get all the clothes in the picture and almost succeeded. I just love looking at all these clothes! And I still can’t believe he’s going to need so many more. We have gotten some precious things! And look at those tiny shoes on the shelf! We got some newborn-sized kicks this weekend at the shower. Yes, I will definitely make sure he wears those ASAP.

Well, there you have it. All this blogging today has officially worn me out and now I think it’s past my bedtime. Less than 2 months, folks!

6 thoughts on “32 Weeks and Nursery Pics!

  1. Cute nursery and belly. And Mary, believe me even though you think your belly looks big, it doesn’t. You look little. Enjoy the last few weeks of just you and Seth. Life is about to change forever!

  2. First of all, you are too cute pregnant! Second of all, the room looks great. Third, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so many clothes for a little boy. He’s going to be stylin’ for sure.

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