37 Weeks

Good grief will we EVER arrive at the finish line?!

It won’t stop. It keeps getting bigger! I know many women embrace their pregnant belly. I do not. Have I told you yet that I can’t wait to get back to normal??? I thought so.

No, Jake wasn’t born. Breathe in, breathe out! This is little Lexi who we got to meet last Tuesday. I feel bad she hasn’t got a blog mention yet so here you go. Adorable. Lots of hair and I’m almost convinced Georgia touched up her lipstick for this picture. :)

I feel like we need to go ahead and get a picture of Lexi and Jake together ASAP. Just in case they ever got married. Because how cute would that be for the wedding slideshow?! We could say “we always knew”. But I feel like I need to go ahead and get Jake’s picture with many other of our friend’s children just in case as well. So we can cover our butts and say “we always knew” with them too. You can never be too prepared for those weddings!


I came up with the top 3 things you DON’T want your doctor to tell you at your 37 week appointment…

1) Well, looks like your baby isn’t anxious to come out anytime soon!
2) No dilation, no effacement, no nuthin’
3) Let’s go ahead and send you over to the hospital to get that heart rate monitored!

Ahem, what?

As you can see, it was a semi-eventful day. Jake was being uber-lazy and let his HR get a little low. They weren’t really that concerned but wanted me to be monitored for about an hour to make sure his heart was doing what it was supposed to. So we had a FUN little experience with triage, hospital beds, and the general unconcern of the nurse’s station with your situation. At least Bernie Mac was on TV!

All in all, everything was fine. My doctor was just being cautious but I won’t lie and tell you that I sortakinda thought a few times, “THIS IS IT! THEY ARE TAKING HIM TODAY!”

Let me tell you about a little lesson I’ve learned in getting your hopes up.


But since he did say Jake was in there “pretty good”, he told us to start thinking about the possibility of an induction. Lots of things to think about…and still a couple weeks off. But it’s just crazy we’re nearing the end no matter what! And a bonus from today’s events…we get another ultrasound next week! Hooray!

I know you really want some pictures. It’s getting harder and harder to see that much of him (have the u/s machines heard of “zoom out”??) but we still got some shots of his face. And in case any of you were wondering whether this truly was Seth’s child…

…wonder no more!

(Nose comparison courtesy of Garrett)

Yes, clearly he has Seth’s nose. And chin. Seth says he gets his “fat cheeks” from me. Gee, thanks! I keep trying to picture Seth’s head on a little baby’s body. Because I think that’s what we might have, folks. Unless Jake comes out with red hair or something. Which will be weird. And creepy.

Here’s another picture from the front

He was weighing in at an estimated 6 lbs 4 oz (give or take a pound…most likely “take” since she said his long legs were skewing the weight estimate). His feet are approx 3 inches long (the size of a newborn’s) and he has a skinny waist.

Again, Seth’s child.

So there you have it. Since I was kinda reassured there probably won’t be a baby this week, I did get out the decor tonight. So much for worrying about bringing home the baby to a house that wasn’t ready for fall!

7 thoughts on “37 Weeks

  1. Those pictures are too cute! That nose comparison is great! I can’t wait to see more ultrasound pictures next week (or seeing the actual baby in real life would be great too!) :)

  2. That nose comparison cracks me up! He definitely looks like Seth! Yay for another ultrasound, every chance to see the baby is fun! Maybe he’ll get tired of the poking and prodding and come out on his own!

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