38 Weeks…and it’s Hot Outside!

Well hello there, little guy!

Here is Drew at 38 weeks. His hands were in front of his face most of the time so this was the best mug shot we got. If you remember last time with Jake, the picture we got showed an 8 foot long nose (below). This one looks a bit more proportional!

Our ultrasound today showed that he was head down which was a huuuuuge blessing! I have been worried the past few weeks that he wasn’t but we discovered the large round thing in my ribs is indeed his little behind. Phew.

They estimated his weight to be 6 lbs 6 oz (I think that’s being a bit generous) and just like his older brother, his head is measuring a little on the large side (a week ahead) and his waist is measuring around 35 weeks. Gotta love my skinny-waisted boys! They also could tell by the placenta that his lungs still aren’t quite done developing yet. So we need him to cook for just a little bit longer to make sure everything is a-ok!

Here is Jake at the same point in my pregnancy. See any resemblance?

Jake with the large honker :)

It’s funny how things kinda happen and look the same this time around. We were just in the dining room taking my belly picture and the dogs would not leave me alone (I think they know something is up). I remembered a picture from my last pregnancy and had to take a similar one…

Don’t worry Tucker and Maggie…you’ll always be our first children!

And from 2009…

They don’t like to admit it, but they love me

I’m 38 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 38 Weeks

Size of Baby: Approx 6 1/3 lbs and 19.5 inches long

Total Weight Gain: 20 lbs (1 more pound and it will be a tie from last time)

Maternity Clothes: Yep…and getting sick of them.

Gender: BOY. Andrew James Anderle

Movement: Slowing down a bit. Poor kid is running out of room.

Sleep: Fine for the most part but I wake up every night around 2am and 6am to use the restroom. Like clockwork. Basically about when a new baby would need to be fed also. Funny how that happens…

What I Miss: Being my normal self!

Cravings: My stomach is running out of room and that makes me sad…

Symptoms: Tired, impatient, sore, heartburn, occasional contractions, and did I mention tired?

Best Moment this Week: Seeing our sweet little boy on the ultrasound today, of course! Also finding out that he’s head down and easing my anxiety about that.

Signs of Labor: I am 1cm dilated and 30% effaced. I had contractions for a few hours this past weekend and thought it might be time but alas, here we still are. Trying to work on my patience. My neighbors are starting to place bets on my delivery date. Feel free to share any predictions in the comments! :)

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