38 Weeks and Nuthin’

Had you asked me last month, I would’ve told you we’d for sure have our baby by now.


Yesterday marked 38 weeks! I am trying to be positive here and count my blessings:

-I can still walk
-I’m still able to work
-I still had enough energy to clean the house this past weekend (not only did I fold last week’s laundry…I went the extra mile and folded this week’s too!)

Nevertheless, we are more anxious than ever to meet our baby boy!

Me at 38 Weeks
This next picture might give you an idea of how my doctor’s appointment went today:

No, those are not flowers of joy. Those are pity flowers. And proof that I really DO have the best husband ever! And to further validate that point, here is why:

He fought through torrential rainpour and flooding (doesn’t that sound very chivalrous-like?) to secure the beautiful bouquet. Maybe he was soaking wet when he got home. Maybe his truck almost stalled going down our street (Why do we have this flooding problem?? Remember last time?). Yet, he pressed on.

AND THEN, to top it all…he went ahead and made the grilled chicken I’d planned on for dinner tonight. In the pouring rain.

Somebody get this guy a medal of honor!!!!!! I love you, Seth!

So now we wait. And pray and hope that next week’s appointment gives us some good news to share. Dr. R said he would tell me I was 50% effaced “if I wanted”. NO! I don’t want pity effacement – I want the real deal!

Boy is that a sentence you never thought you’d read on my blog.

If there still isn’t any significant progress next week, we will go ahead and schedule an induction as our Plan B. Hopefully it won’t come to that but I don’t think any of you want to see me hit 41 weeks either.

Trust me.

In other news…candy corn. I felt like I should take the following picture to measure my progress:

It’s a little depressing that my husband doesn’t eat candy. So anytime I put out any sort of candy bowl, I’m the one who ends up eating it. I thought maybe it would keep me a tad accountable if I posted a picture of the candy corn-ed pumpkin each week so we can all monitor (in horror) the emptying of the jar. It was filled to the top last weekend. And I think it’s only fair to point out that the mellowcreme pumpkins take up a little more room than the actual candy corn.

Happy fall!

4 thoughts on “38 Weeks and Nuthin’

  1. You did NOT just say “pity effacement.”

    And you did NOT just tell us that pumpkins take up more room than candy corn. (mmmmm…i want some!)

    Don’t forget I want to interview you from labor and delivery.

  2. Folding lots of clothes??? Maybe you are starting to nest?!?!? Let me know when you are cleaning out the fridge because you don’t want to bring baby Jake home to a dirty fridge. It will then be time. :) I can’t wait to meet Jake!!

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