Baby Shower Numero Dos

This baby shower business seriously wears me out. I know you feel so sorry for me. But really…drinking that punch, opening those gifts, eating that cake…it really does a number on ya!

On Saturday we had another baby shower, this time thrown by some of our good friends in Houston. Kim, Georgia, Jessie, & Andrea (who sadly couldn’t be there since she’s in the process of moving back from KS) did a FABULOUS job and completely blew me away. I knew they had been working hard but had no idea what to expect. We had wonderful food, great punch, fantastic cake, beautiful decorations, etc etc ETC. This sounds very pregnant-woman of me, but I could not stop crying* when we got in bed last night because I was SO overwhelmed and just feel so incredibly blessed to have such good friends who would do such a nice thing for us!

*Also most likely due to raging pregnancy hormones

So enough sap. Thank you SO MUCH girls for all your hard work! I had a great time!

(Again, these pictures might be a little out of order and I’m now getting too lazy to fix them)

Me & the hostesses (minus Andrea…boo). Kim, Me, Jessie, & Georgia

Me & Jake’s grandmas

Opening the beautiful frame from the hostesses. We’d seen this in the store awhile back but I knew Seth would never go for it. They went behind my back and got it for me anyway! I was SO shocked and excited!

I love the beautiful facial expressions the camera captures when I’m opening gifts. I either look happy, high, sleepy, or confused.
Jake is definitely set on burp cloths after this weekend!

Precious precious outfit!

Ready to open gifts!

CUTE diaper cake (with block letters courtesy of Kedra – THANK YOU!!!)

Yummy cake and cupcakes! Thank you RJ Goodies! :)

Georgia made a cute wreath that we can use on the hospital room door when Jake is born. Seth isn’t thrilled about the feathers but we told him he’s not allowed to have an opinion on that one.

All in all, a wonderful weekend! I know I said it before, but this child is going to be spoiled!

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