Boys Oh Boys!

Well, first things first. Here we are at 34 weeks:

I don’t know how big Jake is now…although I’m sure we’re around 5 pounds. Um yeah…there is a 5 lb bowling ball in my belly? That’s not uncomfortable or weird at all! :)

So we have 6 more weeks, give or take. All my emails tell me it’s time to start packing our bags!! But before that…I have to wash everything. I have been putting this off but I guess there’s no reason not to get started now! Clothes, sheets, socks, burp cloths…looks like I have a big date with Dreft in my future! Let me know if you want to come fold…

This weekend I had a joint baby shower in San Antonio with one of my best friends, Paula, who is due with baby Noah in early December! It will be so fun to have boys close in age. And they better like each other because we already have plans for lots of matching pictures, activities, “BFF” necklaces (kidding), etc. At least one of us isn’t having a girl because there might already be a wedding planned!

Our good friends Dabney, Susan, Dana, and Suanne had put so much effort into planning a wonderful baby shower! They planned every last little detail and had the cutest decorations. I have about 150 pictures I could post but I’m not sure blogger could accomodate such an upload. It was really fun to have a joint shower and celebrate with our close family and friends. I know Suanne would have loved to be there and it was special that we knew she was still there in spirit. And now we for sure know we have a very special guardian angel to watch over our precious boys!

Thank you SO MUCH girls for all the thought, effort, hard work, etc etc ETC you put into planning this shower! It definitely didn’t go unnoticed and I am so glad we were able to spend the afternoon celebrating! All these pictures were taken by the talented Dana & Dabney of Dphotography. We are lucky to have so many good photographers close by!

We couldn’t resist. Yes, we love you Baby Jake!

Noah and Jake talking to each other. Probably discussing sports or girls.


Dana, Paula, Me, Dabney

Me & Paula with our new Vera Bradley diaper bags! Thanks girls!!

We had a blindfolded race to see who could diaper, clothe, and swaddle the fastest. Good thing those blindfolds won’t be around in real life. We’d be in some trouble.
Our “babies”

SUPER cute cake!

Cute sign-in table

Dana with the grandmas-to-be

Dabney, Me, Paula, & Megan (we missed you Susan and Cara!!)

Look how cute this is!

I had a good time in San Antonio but am glad to be back at home. I plan on doing a lot of NOTHING (well, and washing baby stuff I guess) next weekend!

Scratch that.

I will actually be up watching GAME DAY on Saturday morning with Lee and Kirk. Can you believe it’s already time for college football?! The Fightin’ Texas Aggies will kick off their season against New Mexico. This is the first year I probably won’t make a football game since 2002. Jake and I will just be there in spirit. In the A/C. Which is really the smarter decision anyway.


4 thoughts on “Boys Oh Boys!

  1. YAY!! So fun!! You look wonderful! I am so glad yall are so close, that will be fun. I cannot believe you are in the home stretch. I feel like I have forever left but its coming up fast :)

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