Oh Baby Baby…

Well it’s probably about time to add our latest news to the blog…

…we are having a baby!

It’s been so hard to keep this to ourselves (well, and to close friends and family) for the past 6 weeks. And actually, it was kinda nice to have a secret all to ourselves…until I had to start making excuses to get out of bike rides, that Friday night margarita, why I couldn’t eat anything besides graham crackers…

I decided to have a little Q&A session with myself on here so that maybe I can answer several of the things running through all your inquiring minds…

Q: Was this planned?
A: OF COURSE! Do I ever do anything unplanned??? You don’t mess with a girl and her calendar. Actually you don’t mess with God. And through lots of prayer we were comforted that we were making the right decision and couldn’t go by anyone elses timing except His.

Q: Are you going to find out if it’s a boy or girl?
A: OF COURSE! I hate surprises. As un-fun as that sounds. We are both anxious to find out.

Q: Do you have morning sickness?
A: Yes! And I’d really call it “day sickness” instead. I’m slowly starting to branch out with foods but it’s safer to stick with anything bland (who knew toast could be so good??).

Q: Have you had any cravings?
A: There was an instance where I really wanted a queso sandwich (I’m not even sure it exists, but it sounded good! Today that would make me gag). It’s also bad for me to go to the grocery store because I’ve come home with foods I haven’t had in YEARS. Oatmeal cream pies, Jimmy Dean sausage biscuits, cinnamon toast, sour cream & onion Ruffles?? I also really want some Whataburger chicken fingers but I’ve been able to resist so far.

Q: What foods gross you out?
A: Anything minty (yeah, goodbye gum, toothpaste, peppermints, BLECH!), Mexican food, Italian food, Chinese food, sometimes even desserts.

SHOCKER, I know. That has been the most disappointing thing so far – my PLAN was to crave ice cream 24-7 like normal!!!

p.s. this also includes cherry salsa. GAG ME. If you remember, I ordered 4 more jars of this stuff back in January. oops.

Q: Is Seth excited?
A: He is over the moon! He has probably shown outward excitement more than I have. He is anxious to start getting ready for this kid and I just want to lay on the couch.

Q: When is the due date?
A: We’ve been told 2 due dates actually…and I think we’re just going to have to settle on mid-October! Seth’s birthday is the 10th, mine is the 14th, and we’ve been told both the 12th and 14th. So regardless, it will be an eventful birthday month!!

Ok, that’s all the questions I can think of right now. Now for some pictures!

This is me at 6 or 7 weeks (I’ve done a fabulous job of documenting things, haven’t I?) And yes, these are the famous pj pants you might have seen me debut on the blog before. Yes, they’re Halloween, and yes they’re from high school, and yes I still like to wear them!!!

This is the 9.5 week picture. Sporting some springy pants. This was also taken after dinner so the stomach could be deceiving…baby or…pizza? You decide.

This is our baby at 9 weeks. Pretty cute, huh? We were a little concerned because at first it looked like a rabbit but hopefully we’ll have some human-esqe features after all!

This is a shot of the new(er) 4-D ultrasounds they do now. Makes it a little easier to see the shape. Although I am convinced that is a second head in the background. If I knew how to make a pointer on here, I’d show you. But we have been assured it’s only one baby.

Oh, and speaking of the doctor, everything is looking great! We have been blessed and this was actually our 3rd ultrasound (crazy, huh???). The first one was to check for cysts but I got to see a dot…then we had one at 7 wks, 9 wks, and will go back at the beginning of April for the 12 week appointment. So that puts me at 10 weeks today and I am hoping I’ll feel 100% (ok maybe 90%) in the coming weeks. I’m ready for some ice cream…

So here’s hoping we told everyone we needed to tell because I’d hate for grandma to find this out for the first time on the blog.


Please keep us and baby A in your prayers as we prepare for this scary, exciting, and unknown territory in our future!

13 thoughts on “Oh Baby Baby…

  1. so excited for both of you and the dogs of course! You guys are going to be such wonderful, loving, hilarious parents. If I thought your blog was fun to read before this, get ready….here comes your book material!!

  2. Congratulations!! We are so excited for you and Seth. You’ll be wonderful parents. Caleb is excited to have a little cousin to hang out with at family gatherings.

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