First, here I am at 19 weeks. I apologize for my weird face. We took this picture about 18 times because shadows, dogs, or bad facial expressions kept getting in the way. Look, I even wore a skirt this time!

We had a busy weekend. Thankfully Seth had lots of energy!! We went and picked up a swivel chair and ottoman from a lady in the Woodlands who gave us a STEAL of a deal. In fact, as soon as we got in the truck I told Seth to floor it because I was afraid she was going to change her mind! It’s khaki and in fabulous condition. I’m hoping I don’t even have to recover it for the baby room. It was so cute because she had 3 little boys that were all yelling, “Bye chair!!” as we left.

Seth also added a ceiling fan and chair railing in the baby’s room. I promised him it would be a quick job. (Luckily it was) It looks so cute and I can’t wait to paint the rest of the room! He painted the railing yesterday afternoon and the house stinks. Even with windows open and the fan on. In fact, I think the smell made me kind of giggly yesterday.


But note to self…if you paint something with oil-based paint and shortly after you smell things that indicate the house is about to blow up…don’t worry, it’s just the paint. I had been warned about this but completely forgot. So when I was doing laundry I thought we definitely had a gas leak because of the stench coming from the dryer. Nope, just the paint. Something about the heat burning/mixing with the oil in the paint? I don’t remember. Anyway, it wasn’t good.

Here are the pictures of the room:

I’ve (almost) picked out the colors for the room. As I predicted, it was too hard of a decision for one weekend :)

We had a little more excitement but I’ll have to save that for my next post…

4 thoughts on “Progress

  1. ok all this “excitement” has got me wondering….
    You didn’t refer to the room as “baby J’s”, and you bought a cacky chair…also no color commitment. Could our excitement be….
    Baby Boy is now a Baby Girl????

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