Sneak Peek

Today I had a last minute, unexpected sneak peek at our little boy! Boy, was I shocked. The last time we saw him, I think he was less than a pound and his entire body fit on the ultrasound screen. That’s not the case anymore!!

There were 3 slight problems though…

-He had hair…but only on the back of his head. Maybe they don’t discuss the fashion faux pas a mullet presents while in the womb…? We’ll take care of that…don’t worry.
-His eyes were very squinty (probably takes after his mama)
-His lips were the size of Angelina Jolie’s

See for yourself:

Baby boy didn’t want to cooperate so his arm/hand stayed in front of his face the entire time. But you can sorta see those big lips and nose. So cute :)

And the biggest shocker for me? This sucker is weighing in at 3 lbs, 15 oz! That’s almost 4 lbs if you think about it. No wonder I have been in pain! According to the charts, the babies weight should double from 30 weeks to delivery. I am 31 weeks, 3 days today so we’re looking at a 7 lb baby I guess?? Let’s hope there isn’t a huge growth spurt in a month that leaves me to push out a 10 pounder. :)

Because not even my doctor would want to be in the delivery room for that.

In other news…this is how I found my parking situation when I left today at lunch.

Seriously big truck? That’s not funny. Pregnant Mary cannot squeeze through small spaces like that!!!!! I guess that’s what passenger doors are for.

5 thoughts on “Sneak Peek

  1. oh, i didn’t even think about your current predicament when i saw the car picture. the things one has to think about when pregnant.
    cutie pie picture of baby, though. so exciting!!

  2. Oh, I know what you mean about those tight spots…just wait until you are carrying Jake in the car carrier and someone parks next to you like that. Not pure thoughts for the owner of that vehicle…let me tell you.

  3. Sorry Mary but it doesn’t look like your parking job was that much better looking at your angle. I’d bet the car to the right of you is having twins.

    I kid, great picture…can’t wait to meet him.

  4. he’s a cutie already :) i remember when i was in labor with scarlett and the dr. checked me and told me that she felt a bald headed baby…the next day when scarlett finally decided to be born she came out with a head full of hair. i have no idea what the dr. was feeling, but it certainly was NOT her head-ha! maybe jake will grow some more hair before his big debut :)

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