Have I mentioned that I just love my little boys?? We’ve had so much fun lately. Jake is really getting into the Christmas season…it amazes me how much he has learned. He can tell us all about shepherds, angels, baby Jesus, Santa, reindeer, Christmas trees…and on and on and on. And this is only at 2. I think he will be talking about Christmas for awhile!

The boys have been so sweet to each other. It’s like Jake just woke up one day and thought, “Hey, I love my brother!!”
It’s about dang time.
Jake “shares” his toys with Drew and of course Drew wants nothing to do with the baby toys. He’s always got his eye on a tractor, monster truck, or car. They’re all boy, that’s for sure! I’ll have more about Drew in his 6 month post but let’s just say I can’t keep up with that kid. He is on.the.move. Seeing as how Jake didn’t crawl until almost 9 months old, this has thrown us for a loop!

I thought this was hilarious and had to get a picture. Poor Jake had no clue he looked like a little plumber the other morning! :)

This is, hands-down, one of our favorite toys. Jake loved it as a baby and now again as a toddler! And of course it’s a big hit with Drew. I highly recommend this Fisher-Price Singing Stage!
Jake has been really good at becoming more independent but moments of jealousy still strike. One night during dinner, Seth was holding Drew and Jake kept looking longingly at them from his chair. When I got him out, he ran to Daddy and wanted to be held too. Never mind that he wasn’t listening, but it was pretty cute.

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