Fishing with Grandpa

I think we have done more fishing this spring than I ever have in my life! I guess I should get used to this.  The boys love to fish and play in our creek.  My dad came to visit last week so we took him down there to see what we could catch.

IMG_3906 I just love this picture of Seth and Drew!  Like father, like son.

IMG_3898 And I also love this picture of Drew and my dad!  They are both focusing intently on their job.

IMG_3895 Jake just wanted to play in these crystal clear blue waters…

IMG_3886 grandpa All dressed up for church…they all look so handsome!

002We had a great visit and the boys had a blast.  I’m pretty sure my dad went home with a sore back and a headache because it was nonstop jumping and talking to Grandpa (or “Gramp” as Jake seems to have renamed him)

004 Thought this was so funny of Drew cutting his eyes at the camera.  He is a mess!


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