Soccer and Swimming

We have just a couple more soccer games left in the season and all the kids are finally catching on.  By catching on, I mean that most are running around in some direction and attempting to kick the ball…sometimes toward the goal and sometimes toward the crowd.  It makes for great entertainment!

001 004 Each week one of the players gets a medal…this Saturday was Jake’s turn!  He won the team medal for “accountability” because the team was always able to count on him.  Ha!  So cute.008 He has played with several friends in his preschool class and of course, his girlfriend, Lexi.  As you can see, she plays with a little more style than we do.

010 Jake and one of his best buddies, Ben.  It has been so fun to see their little friendship blossom.

011 Nonnie and Popo came to watch the game and spend the day with the boys.  The kids had so much fun and wanted to show off their new swimming skills.

019This picture of Drew just cracks me up.  He had to wear goggles just like Jake and wouldn’t give up this turtle float.

Tomorrow is Jake’s last day of school – I can’t believe this year went by so quickly!

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