A Bunch of Crazy

That’s what I feel like the past few weeks have been like.

I always thought the terrible two’s was a light-hearted joke.


I mean, talk about crazy eyes! :)  It continues to amaze me how a child can go from over the moon happy to THE WORLD IS ENDING, I SHALL KICK AND SCREAM UNTIL IT IS PUT BACK TOGETHER AGAIN.

And then they make a face like this which makes you forget all about it!  I love this kid more than words.

I have resigned myself to the fact that pictures will never be perfect.  Thank you Drew for exerting some effort here.  Love their cute brother matching shirts!

At first glance this looks sweet.  But Jake was actually pinching Drew’s neck from behind.  He really reminds me of someone I used to know…

A couple weeks ago we went to a local “sprayground” for a birthday party.  We are actually having Drew’s party here next month so we were glad to check it out!  Drew tolerated the spraying water and Jake just wanted us to run through it with him.  Last I checked, moms in two pieces weren’t typical scenery at a sprayground.
(Well, neither were moms in one pieces…just saying)

So fun…we definitely didn’t have a place like this when we were little!

I thought this picture was so funny.  Seth took Jake fishing a couple weekends ago and he apparently did not like the fish!  He was very excited to use his Cars fishing pole though.  They didn’t even bring home their perch for dinner.  So much for my hunters.

And who can resist swinging with Daddy?  (Who swings too high, might I add)
Here’s to a great weekend with more good memories than bad! 

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