And Now I Will Look Through the Baby Book and Cry…

Sometimes I just can’t believe how cute my children are. We have been having so much fun with Jake lately. I love this age! It also makes me realize how much better of a mom I am when I’m not pregnant. I’m not as grumpy and sore as I was a few months ago so the days are a little more enjoyable :)

Jake loves to tackle us (mostly Daddy) and wrestle at every chance he gets.

And he even decided to share a post-tackle kiss with Daddy on the kitchen floor. Sweet but let’s move it to the carpet next time where it’s a little more comfortable?

Mama and Drew. This was right after my, “Hey maybe we should take some pictures with our second child” moment.

Daddy and Drew

Drew has been getting so good at holding his head up. He is also rolling from his tummy to back pretty consistently. Next up…walking??

Just another day in the playroom! Jake has gotten into the whole “cheese” for the camera act except it’s not always a smile. This was his “cheese” face today…

And look at that perfect line! Definitely his mother’s child. Have I mentioned that he also closes cabinets and drawers for me?

Cute brothers. Jake kept saying “Cheese, baby!”
(In a very bossy tone. Poor Drew has his work cut out for him)

If you know Maggie at all, you know this is not typical behavior. She was letting Jake climb all over her yesterday and he was!

I may have to do a whole post on Jake at this age because I’m afraid so much will change before he turns 2! He is really soaking up so much…learning colors (he can identify lots of them but mostly says blue, pink, and green), letters (he loves watching Letter Factory and playing with our foam bathtub letters. Somehow he correctly identifies C, D, and E??), playing with Play-Dough, and now his new favorite is playing computer games. The Fisher Price website has some good kids games and he can sit there and go through the alphabet or play matching games. I’m not sure how much he actually gets but 1) he’s gotta be learning something and 2) hasn’t yet managed to completely screw up the computer!

And p.s. doesn’t he look just huge in the pictures above? Sniff!
Nothing like a blast of cool air when it’s 185 degrees out!
The “night night” game continues. On this particular night, he looked up and said ‘cheese!’ when he heard the camera flash pop up. Ha! I get to play too but I have to lay under a pillow sham for some reason (per Jake).

Love how he weasled those little hands out of his swaddle!

My little cleaner

“Vacuuming” and riding the dust buster around like a horse.

(Hey, I never said he did a great job)
Talk about a good crick in the neck after your nap! How babies sleep like this is beyond me.

I just wish I could freeze time right now. The days are going by super fast now that Drew is here and while I can’t wait for them to grow up to see how their personalities develop…I also don’t want to lose their sweet innocence. Kids only think mom and dad are totally awesome for so long you know.

Now I think I have to go cry myself to sleep.

I realized today that I’ve put absolutely ZERO thought into Jake’s 2nd birthday party. Um, it’s 2 months away people! Thanks to Pinterest though (my new love), I’ve already seen some super cute ideas that have got me thinking. Maybe I’m not the worst mom in the world after all! :)

3 thoughts on “And Now I Will Look Through the Baby Book and Cry…

  1. I love seeing these pictures. They are both at such interesting stages! For me, it’s like getting a glimpseof my future and recent past.

    I’m certain Jake will love whatever 2-year birthday party plans you make… as long as you take some good pictures of cake and fun, he’ll ‘remember’ a great time!

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