And You Thought I Was Done Talking about Christmas

So we’re well into January and I realized I forgot to document the rest of our Christmas. One day when I sell a million copies of my memoir, I would’ve regretted leaving this out!

008The boys helped bake cookies for Santa (I think cookies and other Christmas treats might be their favorite part of the season!)

012 There are always lots of fingerprints on the oven door

020 On Christmas (eve) morning, the boys were so excited to see that Santa had come.  Drew’s big gift was a car garage and Jake’s big gift was a bike.

029 032 Oh and how could I forget the Rescue Bots?  These were really the “I will DIE if I don’t get these” request from Jake this year.  To this day, he still shows every new person his 4 Rescue Bots.  He even told the carpet cleaners about them last week – ha!

048 SO excited to ride like the big boys

055 Drewbie got some Spiderman shoes to match Jake’s Batman shoes.  These are so so cute.

056I wanted to set my alarm to get up and get ready for pictures.  Seth wouldn’t let me.  So here’s the one makeup-less shot you get of me on this blog.  Ever.

073 Jake went outside to practice riding his bike for about 3 minutes before he ran back in to play with his Rescue Bots!

079 Later that day, we went to the Children’s Christmas Eve service at our church.  We’ve done this the past several years and just love it.  They sing Christmas carols and have a “live” nativity (well, do people in costumes count as live?).  The kids go bananas.  Jake wanted to pet the donkey afterward and I’m not quite sure he knew it wasn’t real…

081xIn front of the beautiful poinsettia tree our church puts up every year.

I am thankful to be making our own traditions and look forward to adding to them each year!

YOU should be thankful that I didn’t include the other 100 pictures I took this day.

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