Behind is the New Ahead

I know.  The title to this post is so philosophical, I myself can’t quite figure it out.  But let’s just say that I feel like I’m always playing catch up.

The past two months have literally been a zoo for us.  One of us has been out of town every weekend since mid-January and we haven’t had time to catch our breath and do normal family things.  We have one more trip this weekend and then we decided that we have to start saying “no” and just enjoy things around here for awhile.  I don’t want our kids to remember their childhood as running around all the time!

Today was so wonderful and after naps, we took the boys fishing at the creek in our neighborhood.  It gave us a time to just relax, be “us”, and enjoy each other.  Something that can get so easily overlooked when everyone is running different ways.

And our kids are only 3 and 1?  Lord help us!

iphone11But before I get to fishing, let’s just focus on this little guy.  He kills me.

iphone14 Ok back to fishing.  This was sort of an “over the river, through the woods” excursion, but Seth promised a “fishing oasis” at the end of our journey.

iphone15 If oasis means a decent strip of sandy beach next to a creek, he got it right :)

iphone16 The boys had so much fun playing in the sand and fishing.  We could’ve stayed here all day.

iphone17 iphone18 And we caught one tiny fish.  The boys were ecstatic and proceeded to touch it.  A lot.

And now I can’t remember if they even washed their hands before dinner.

iphone19 I love our family and the time we are given to spend together!  The world goes so fast these days and it’s nice to forget about things, if only for a little awhile at least!

iphone12And in the spirit of the rodeo, Jake dressed like a cowboy at school last week and for once, really wanted to dress up.  So we went all out.

Giddy up, y’all!

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