Boys, Boys, and More Boys

I’m usually not one to obsess over the weather, but we have had awesome weather lately in Houston!  It has been so pretty out and luckily not too hot yet.  Jake had a friend from school come stay with us a few days this week and they had such a great time.  They kept calling each other their “best friends” and it was so sweet.

phone1 Two 3 year olds behind the wheel is nothing but trouble!

phone2 Drew has just been the sweetest thing lately.  He is learning more words and I think the improved communication is helping us understand each other better.  He still throws a fit every now and then but it’s getting easier for now…

He is constantly messing with our dog gate (above).  Instead of playing with toys, he likes to follow the dogs around, say “no no no” and shake his finger in their face, and then he will move the gate to keep them away.

phone3 Drew and the sprinkler is like a moth to a flame.  He loves playing in the water!

phone4Love these sweet brothers.  They share well about 30% of the time!

I wanted to share a couple links with you…

The boys and I made these Resurrection Rolls this morning.  This was such a neat way to illustrate the Easter story and they really enjoyed eating them too!

Also, I read this article just now and thought it was worth sharing:  7 Questions for Christians.

I am behind posting several things…we’ve been to the rodeo and already had our first Easter egg hunt.  But those will have to wait for now.

Enjoy this Easter weekend with friends and family!

Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

John 20:29

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