Boys Will Be Boys

Well, there may be several posts coming. I just loaded about 200 pictures on the computer so I am a tad backed up!

I am so blessed that Seth is such a great daddy! He is a HUGE help in the evenings. It seems like I’m always having to feed Drew when Jake is getting ready for bed (convenient, eh?) so Jake and Daddy get lots of quality time.

Crazy-haired Jake making a scary face! After bath they usually roughhouse and make all sorts of loud noises. The perfect types of activities to get him winded down for bedtime. :)

Daddy reading the boys a book. This is one of those rare occasions when Jake is ok with his brother being in close proxemity to him!

Jake is figuring out that we say “cheese” when we take a picture. He loves to say cheese and then look at the picture on the camera. I was taking these the other night and had no idea he was smiling but I thought this was so cute!

Mr. Smiley, as (almost) always!

We are a big fan of bubbles over here.

Now before you start feeling sorry for Jake in the next picture, let me preface this with saying that he is mad about the band-aid, NOT about his boo boo!

He fell and scraped his forehead on the driveway last week. He got a good little strawberry and since it was bleeding I got out a Buzz band-aid. It lasted about 3.4 seconds before Jake ripped it off. Tough guy.

If Drew is awake, he gets to play “night night” with us! Jake cuddled up next to him while we were playing before naptime.

And…since it’s 128 degrees outside…why not play with our mittens?? He has discovered his drawer of winter clothes and we dress up in mittens, hats, and coats. It’s so refreshing in August…

Hopefully this means less fighting over clothes come winter!
Always the helper. Stopping the swing to wake up his brother and offer Drew the paci he doesn’t want…

I can’t wait to see the fight over the Exersaucer next month…

I love these boys so much and am so thankful to be home with them right now!

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