But I’m Bored…



“You kids don’t know how lucky you are…”

I always remember my parents telling us that when we were little.  We would complain about thing like “being so bored”, “not liking our toys”, “why isn’t my favorite TV show on”, etc

And then we’d have to listen to how my dad walked uphill in the snow both ways to school everyday (debatable…it is Texas, people), they only had sticks to play with, and a random assortment of other moans and groans.

I guess it’s the same thing I will be telling Jake and Drew except it will be…”I didn’t have an iPad when I was 3…we didn’t even have cell phones!”, “We couldn’t teleport ourselves to school, we had to ride the school bus…without A/C!”

I know, I had it so tough.

phone1 So it’s funny to me when I see all the fun things our kids experience but at the same time, they (mostly Jake) are complaining about how bored they are.  Life’s tough.

phone2 I hope they always enjoy life’s simple joys…like fishing!  We are lucky to live in a neighborhood with a “lake” and a big creek.  We love to go out and catch our dinner.  Or pretend like we do at least.

phone3 phone4 Even Drew is joining in on the action.  He is a little more reckless with the fishing pole so onlookers beware!

phone6 Drew loves his little girlfriend, Kate.  They walk their big brothers into preschool every week and this week Drew decided to escort Kate.  It was so sweet!

phone7 I love these random cool fronts we keep having.  We will be wearing shorts one day and winter clothes the next.  Crazy Texas.  Drew has finally realized how to say ‘cheese’ and doesn’t hold anything back!

phone8And Jake loves getting into Daddy’s things while he’s at work.  I think he has a few more years before these fishing boots actually fit…

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  We are setting our goals low and hoping Jake at least stands on the soccer field this Saturday.

I’m hoping we are pleasantly surprised!!

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