Crawfish Boil

Every year Seth’s parents host a big crawfish boil at their house so it’s fun to go catch up with friends and family that we don’t always get to see.

That morning while the men were preparing the fish, the boys helped Nonnie plant her vegetable garden.  Let’s go ahead and use the term “help” loosely.

113 They got the cutest little hoe and rake and loved playing in the dirt.  I told Seth’s mom that if the plants survive it will be a miracle because I think the squash got stomped on more than a few times!

116 Working hard for his money

121 Someone has learned how to “pose”!

124Drew spent more time hitting people with the hoe instead of actually using it.  This picture was taken about 0.4 seconds before Jake started crying.  Oops.  At least I have proof.

129 Jake drove the plants around in his Gator.  They worked hard and their bath was well-deserved that night!

138 And of course we had to hunt some Easter eggs…

139 143 I love this picture of Jake, Elizabeth (their cousin), and Drew checking out the crawfish in the cooler.

147 Jake was so brave!  Once he started touching the crawfish, he didn’t want to stop.  Like I said, the bath was well-deserved.

157 Drew had his turn too.  They got the biggest kick out of them!  They would squat down, say “Ewww”, and scream…half out of fear, half out of delight.

162 Jake and Drew with Popo, Nonnie, and Chase.


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