Goodbye Summertime

For one of our last summer roadtrips, we headed to San Antonio to celebrate a birthday with a special friend and to visit Sea World again.  If you remember, last time we had to leave after 2 hours because Drew was so sick.

Let’s just say we may never visit Sea World again because we had a similar occurrence this time.

But we went and had fun and paid for it on the way home to Houston with fevers and vomit.

I know.  Our life is so glamorous, you might often mistake us for famous celebrities.

002xBut good grief, we were happy to be there!  Jake was super pumped.  It broke his heart to leave last time and he was ready to see the dolphins and sharks that we had missed.

031 We saw the Sea Lion show and the worst thing ever happened.  I was serenaded by the pre-show entertainer.  I wanted to cry – I hate that stuff!  But the rest of my family thought it was hilarious.  Glad they got a good laugh.

060 A sweet high school friend was a trainer at Sea World for many years and offered to let us meet several animals throughout the day.  It was so cool!  We got to pet and feed this sea lion.

079 I will never get over the size of Shamu.

120 125 Half-excited, half-terrified.

IMG_4901Because I can’t change the order of my pictures for some reason, I will pause to show you a picture of the kiddos who got to play last weekend!  Jake and Drew were so excited to see Bailey again – they have missed her a lot since she moved!  We were able to celebrate her 2nd birthday and visit with their family for the day.  Still hoping they move back to Houston one day…

IMG_4938 Back to Sea Lions.  Jake loves to pose.  Someone asked why I never take pictures of Drew but let me tell you…I try my darndest.  He runs or looks the other way when the camera comes out…

IMG_4912 Watching the dolphins swim…this is one of my favorite parts!

IMG_4961 Another cool experience we got was to meet this beluga whale.  So so neat!  We all got to pet/”kiss” the whale and watched the trainers feed her.  Drew was scared so we didn’t get a good picture but the rest of us loved it!



IMG_4973And we were so happy that Grandpa got to join us for the day.  The boys had a blast with him!


There’s my happy Drew…eating donut holes at the birthday party.  His love language.

Since we’ve been home, the boys have been sick, so we finally went to the doctor yesterday to get some medicine.  Their first day of preschool is next week and we aren’t going to miss it!

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