Groundhog Day

No, don’t worry. You didn’t misread your calendar. Even though we still have several months until Goundhog Day, I feel like I am perpetually stuck in one. The boys have either been sick, crying, throwing tantrums, not sleeping, crying, screaming, or some combination of all of those for the past week. This morning, Jake woke up mid-tantrum (how is that even possible?) and we couldn’t get him calmed down for almost 20 minutes. This was at 6am, people. I just crawled back in bed to hide and Seth asked if I was quitting before I even started.

Wouldn’t that be nice.

In all seriousness, I love my little boys. They wear me out beyond belief sometimes but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. And it bugs me to no end when people say things like, “You know, they ARE good kids.”

Well, duh!

I’ve never once said they were bad children. Do they have bad days like anyone else? Yes. Do they sometimes drive me crazy just like anyone else? Of course. But are they bad? Heck no. God has blessed our famly so much and I am lucky to be their mom. Even at 1am, 3:30am, 4am, and 6am and all other times of the night when I get woken up!

Soapbox over…moving on.

Jake loves going to the grocery store with me. In fact, when we drive by Kroger he says, “Mommy’s store? Cookie?”

I think it’s safe to say he loves it more for the cookie. And note his riding companion. Jake got this dog for his birthday and it goes everywhere with us!

The source of some of the screaming this past week was poor little Drew. We ran out of his reflux medicine and because of a manufacturer’s shortage, lots of the pharmacies have been out too. He wasn’t sleeping well and if I could get him to nap in the swing, he would arch his back like this and cry. Oh, break my heart! Luckily, we have 2 more months of the medicine now and Drew is much happier!

Which allows him time to…

… practice his sitting skills! He is still so wobbly but is doing pretty good at balancing for a few seconds. Jake was sitting up on his own before 5 months so maybe this little guy will too! Although he’s hardly old enough…my teeny tiny little boy… :(

And how about some brotherly love? Jake is really into giving Drew hugs and kisses…maybe this is why they are both under the weather! He doesn’t understand why he can’t lay on top of Drew yet but I’m sure that time will come and they will be rolling around wrestling and laughing (or crying?) before we know it.

Here’s hoping for a better week full of restful sleep, zero tantrums, and lots of smiles!!!

2 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. Oh Mary, Bless your heart. I understand. Just because they are cute, smart, good and wonderful doesn’t make them easy. AND YOU HAVE TWO! Can I say I’m using you as my model? Keep posting the real stuff. It’s encouraging.

    Do grocery stores still give out free cookies to kids? I remember when I was little, maybe _very_ little, we could get a free cookie. and the bank would send a balloon or sucker through the tubes.

    I’m SO glad you got some more medicine for Drew. I love his face in that last picture.

  2. Of course they are allowed bad days, this doesn’t make them bad children at all!!! Every child has his ‘hard to handle’ moments, but if someone thinks this means they are bad then they are crazy!
    We can’t wait for your boys to feel better soon so we can play.

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