It Appears My Phone Has Become My New Camera

Which totally makes sense because it’s not like we spent money to get a nice camera to take pictures of our kids or anything.

We have been up to all sorts of things lately.  The beginning of the week is usually pretty hectic for us…from Monday through Wednesday, we have Jake’s preschool, gymnastics, my class (at night), and my morning Bible study.  So on Thursday and Friday we usually lay around in our pjs for longer than socially acceptable or play with friends.

iphone20My friend, Kim, and I took our kids to the Houston Children’s Museum a couple weeks ago and the kids had a great time.  It’s a lot bigger than the one we have in The Woodlands and  it was a fun “adventure” downtown.  We loaded up all the kids in her minivan (keyword: HER) and made a day of it.  Jake loves his best buds Jack and Blake!

photo bomb We’ve also been working on our “technology skills” at home.  As you can see from above, Jake has a real eye for photography.  Very abstract.

cowboy jake Jake’s teachers sent this picture home from Rodeo Day.  Nothing says “pain” and “I need a haircut” so clearly to me.  Mom fail!  I promise he enjoyed dressing up though!

iphone7 A few weeks ago we met my sister and her husband at the Rainforest Cafe in Katy.  I was a little unsure of what the boys would think but they loved it!  They were mesmerized by all the animals.

iphone6 We enjoyed spending the day with them!  We basically both live in Houston but are still an hour apart.  Boo.

iphone9We also sneaked a visit to the bookstore so I could get my copy of Sparkly Green Earrings signed by none other than Melanie Shankle of the “Big Mama” blog.  I have been reading her blog since college (so what…2 years? :)) and it was fun finally meeting her in person!  As I promised Rachel, this was not the main reason for our visit to Katy but it sure was an added bonus!  If you haven’t heard of the book yet, you need to read it.  Now!  It’s a wonderful memoir and women of all ages would enjoy reading it.  My inspiration for going from blog to book.  Except maybe I’ll just stick with the blog part for now.

iphone13And I don’t want to forget about Drewbie.  Or “Droob” as Jake has now started calling him. While the big kids take gymnastics, he looks forward to sharing snacks with his best bud, Kennedy.

Jake only has a few more weeks of gymnastics and then we are excited to start swimming lessons in April with both boys!  This could either be complete success or complete disaster.  But we’ll be spending a lot of time at the pool this summer so better freshen up on the butterfly and backstroke while we can.

What, your 1 year old can’t do that?

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