It’s Getting Hot in Here

God is smiling down on me…I have been blessed with another relaxed morning! This could also be because I decided to get up and take a shower at 5:45.

I might be insane.

On Tuesday, our playgroup went to tour a local fire station and let’s be honest. We went less for the tour and more for the cute pictures we could get on a fire truck! As with most things, I reeallly thought Jake would love this since he’s so into trucks.


He was more interested in the mounted calvary (what in the heck do you call the fake police who patrol The Woodlands on horses???) that stopped out front for a poop break.

The horses, not the policeman.

Then, when they left he just wanted to find the “clip clops” (horses) and was not interested in learning about the importance of dialing 911 in an emergency.

And as for that really cute group picture?

Note my son’s face. You may have to click on the picture to enlarge. I’m sure the fireman were thrilled to see our group of 2 year olds head home!!!

(Nice fireman, Jack, Jake, Zoe, Sophia, Aubrie, Paige, Will, Blake, Jack, Riley, other nice fireman)
Jack and Blake taking the truck for a spin

Will was ready for a ride! Jake was just ready to get outta there. Not even his cute fire truck shirt helped put him in the mood!

Drew, here you are at your first fire station tour. 13 days old. Never say your life isn’t exciting!

Not interested in “driving”

Me and my boys!

Perhaps we’ll try this excursion again when Jake is 3 or 4…

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