It’s the Thing They Call Rodeo

I just uploaded approximately one zillion rodeo pictures so bear with me.  As a parent you think every single photo of your children is the BEST ONE EVER and they all look the same to you! :)  Now I know why my mom has so many ridiculous pictures of me and my sisters.

This past Thursday, Seth took off work and we took the kids to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  It had been a couple years since we’d been there…traveling to the “big city” is a big deal to us surburbanites!

We decided to start off with the petting zoo.  I am not a big fan of having strange dirty animals touching my person but this was right up Jake’s alley.  The things we parents do.

For a kid who doesn’t like to get dirty, he was so excited to feed the sheep and goats!

They had the cutest little farmer’s market for the kids to “shop” at.  Jake carried around the basket and collected eggs, vegetables, milk, etc to turn in for “money” at the end.  

Drew was a pretty good sport.  Neither kid wanted to stay in the stroller so we got a work out!

Of course we had to drive the tractors!

Jake’s favorite part was sitting on all the different tractors, gators, and diggers in the exhibit hall.  Future birthday present?  They can’t be that much more than a Power Wheels, right? :)

We were so proud of Jake riding this train all by himself!  Nonnie also came with us since she was off for Spring Break and got Jake some tickets to ride rides!

He loooved riding the carousel.  And in spite of all the horses, his pick was the lion.

Sweet sweet boy!

Jake was super excited to ride the “Wiggle Worm” with Nonnie.  He is still talking about it!
I have a feeling we’ll definitely be going back next year!  The boys loved it and we were all ready for a nap by the end of the day.

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