Keeping Mama on Her Toes

Lately I’ve had a lot of people make comments like, “Wow, those boys keep you so busy” or “When do you get time to rest?” (answer: not often). Clearly it’s obvious that my hands are full! 
(Moms of 5 kids, stop rolling your eyes)
Drew is a little TORNADO.  When Jake was this age, he could sit still for long periods of time.  He would sit on the bathroom counter while I got ready in the morning and nothing was destroyed.  
Now do a 180 and I’ll introduce you to…


My word.  He is the funniest little boy and is constantly moving.  He gets into everything and it has completely thrown us for a loop.  I use to laugh at those moms that didn’t trust their kids with fingerpaint, Play-doh, and other things that could get messy.
Yeah.  It will be a long time before Drew gets to fingerpaint. :)

Trying to put his shoes on…we do this a lot.

Turning 1 has also meant learning how to throw a little baby tantrum.  Very dramatic!

How can you not love this kid?

Not to invade Jake’s privacy or anything, but he was just making the silliest faces on the potty yesterday.  Mr. Personality!

Little did we know that little brother was pooping in the bathtub when I turned my head.  See?  A MESS!


Good dental hygiene is super important.
Ah, don’t we all feel better now?  You got your picture fix and I don’t feel as guilty anymore.  
Now I can get back to my summer TV schedule which, I must admit, is just fabulous.  Is anyone else loving the new Dallas??!

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