Back before Drew was born, we bought a new crib because Jake wasn’t quite ready to convert his into a big bed.  Our logic was that we should give Jake the new crib because he had already chewed on the sides of his old one while teething.  Why ruin two sets of furniture, right?

So the other day, I went to get Jake from “no-nap” (that’s what I call it these days because rarely is naptime an actual NAP anymore) and he was very excited and proud of himself for some reason.

This is him excitedly waving to me.  Double handed.  His talents continue to amaze.

“Look Mommy!  Jake DO DAT!”

And there goes the other set of furniture ruined.  AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHH!  He had slid his teeth back and forth across the entire side (what will become his foot board in the big bed).  I felt so bad getting him in trouble because I honestly don’t think he realized he was damaging anything.  Just a little bit of abstract art.  Sigh.  Good thing there won’t be a 3rd baby.  If there was, I’d just have them sleep in a pack and play. :)
The boys still love to play together (Drew enjoys it more than Jake).  The first thing Jake does when I turn my back is try and pester his brother.  I suppose I have a lifetime of this to look forward to!

Why yes, mommy would just LOVE a cute brother picture on the horse!  I just love this!  5 seconds later, Jake fell off and hit his head on the window…

Drew also got to try Nutri-Grain bars this week.  This was one of those times we reeeallly needed a bib.

I think it’s safe to say he loved it!
We’ve continued to have plenty of runny noses and coughing over here.  I think this has been going on for almost a month.  Mr. Kleenex should be grateful for our business!  I’m ready for everyone to feel better, for nice weather (I’ve given up on winter), and lots more outside playtime!  

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  1. It will be easy to fix the cribs if you want to. You just have to sand down the parts with the teeth marks and then spray or paint with some poly. I bet the marks are just in the finish not the wood, but either way it can be fixed! Just ask me, I’ve only been working on my coffee table for a year now…

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