Life in Pictures

A little of what we’ve been doing this summer…

IMG_4244 IMG_4245 Swimming and getting a tan, of course.

IMG_4253Playing “Name that Smell” (aka Mommy is running out of ideas)

IMG_4262 Trying to find time to work (I posted this to point out Jake’s hand. He has to be touching me constantly.  On this particular day I was catching up on some work and he sat on the bed with me and just held his hand like that the entire time.  Broke my heart!  We are working on him playing by himself a little…it’s a struggle!)

IMG_4266 Being cute and bathing! (Although surely the pool water counts some days…)

IMG_4269Sporting our shades and playing outside

IMG_4271 Also knowing when to come inside!  Try not to cringe…they had fun, ok??

IMG_4306 Chalk drawing…tracing each other is so much fun!

IMG_4311Catching turtles.  Fish seem to sense when we are coming.  The turtles don’t care.

IMG_4318 Chill-axing!

IMG_4328 Pj wearing

IMG_4334And wrestling with Daddy.

What else does a boy need?

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