Moody Gardens…that weren’t very moody at all.

For Mother’s Day we took a mini-vacation to Galveston and Moody Gardens.  We are out of town a lot to visit family but realized we had never really done anything for just our little family.  It was a nice break to get away and do something fun with the kids!  Plus, I don’t think I heard any whining or crying all weekend.  That’s probably the best Mother’s Day present of all!

IMG_3962 The boys had a great time playing at the beach.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen them so happy.  Jake was all about the water and Drew was all about the sand.  Which was evident from the insides of his swimsuit and swim diaper!

IMG_3967Jake and Drew were so sweet with each other.  They were holding hands unprompted all weekend…that’s true love I think.

IMG_3973 We saw a 3D movie called “Flight of the Butterflies” which was actually really good!  I may have even cried a little at the end. Trust me, you would’ve too.  One man dedicated his ENTIRE life to charting the migration paths of butterflies.  I would’ve given up after about 30 minutes…so kudos to him.

IMG_3974We didn’t think the boys would wear their glasses but they were a big hit!

094We had lots of fun in the sun at the “Palm Beach” waterpark at the hotel.  Again, we couldn’t get Jake out of the water and Drew just mainly watched.

091Hiding from the cold water on the splash pad

028 024095 Our little sandman

106The butterfly habitat in the rainforest was a big hit!  Jake is obsessed with anything that creeps, crawls, or flies so he could’ve stayed here all day.

108 109 Sweet Drew was pretty worn out by this point.  He was a good sport!

110Again with the love

We had a wonderful time and it’s nice to have a beach so close!  I know that the Mary 2 months from now will scoff at this comment but it is already getting SO HOT in Houston.  It’s in the 90′s today and I could melt.  Melt!

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