Not Failing

This week I’ve had to:
-call poison control
-escort my puking child from a birthday party
-fish nail clippers out of the toilet
-clean poop out of the bathtub
-hold ice on a busted lip
-chase 2 basket-escapee kids around the grocery store
-kiss (what seems like) 100 boo boos
-break up fights
-send kids to time out
-take my own time out
Shall I keep going?
But after all that, I hope my kids remember this:

And this:

And this too:  (he was happy, I promise)

And remember that even when raising 2 boys seems like the hardest, most tiring job in the world (public accounting – HA!), that it is also the most rewarding and loving job in the world too.  I mean, whenever has your boss spontaneously sat in your lap to read, hugged and kissed you for no reason, and made you laugh on a daily basis?

(Only ok if your boss is your kid, p.s.)
I read this article today – so encouraging and true.  And coming right on the heels of my stressing over how many new activities I could create for my kids from Pinterest tonight.  
So then I just decided to blog.  :)
Happy Labor Day!

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