Partners in Crime

Our boys have been up to no good lately!  Drew has perfected the art of not listening and manages to con his older brother into following suit.  As of right now, Drew is definitely the ring leader!  I am trying to give them a little more freedom during the day but, where I never had to worry about Jake, I can’t let these two be quiet for long without wondering what new tricks they have up their sleeve.

phone5But they still manage to be so sweet.  Sometimes. :)

phone6Thank goodness this is one of our last pictures with Drew’s paci!  He had a rough week but we are finally paci-free and hoping his speech will improve.


Additional partners in crime.  Jake takes gymnastics on Tuesday mornings with some of his friends and they have just as much fun running around in the waiting room as in the actual gym!

phone10 Couldn’t pry these 3 away from the iPad.  And they are only 3 and 5.  I can’t imagine how hard it will be to pry them away from a Playstation!

phone17Cheesing it up

phone18Jake was excited to watch some Spiderman cartoons with me last night while Daddy was gone.  Spiderman is no Princess Aurora, I’ll tell you that.

In other news, I visited a chiropractor yesterday morning and will never forget the sound my neck made.

It was the crack heard round the world.

(This was to fix my back)

(My back feels great now)

(My neck does not)

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