Peace like a River

This morning I am experiencing a strange sensation…a feeling I haven’t known in at least several weeks…


I think as a mom of 2 boys, I won’t be getting loads of peace and quiet in the near future. But it is almost 8am…it’s dark and rainy outside (praise God!)…both boys are asleep (well, now Jake is standing up…but he’s quiet so WINNING!)…I am dressed and ready for the day…AND I’ve had my coffee.

And did I mention I’m blogging?

Yesterday afternoon/evening was probably our toughest day since Drew’s arrival. Seth had school after work and poor Drew was awake and screaming all evening long. Jake was SUCH a good sport. The only thing that would calm Drew down was feeding him…although it wasn’t so much feeding as providing a pacifier (sigh). He had just been awake for hours and couldn’t calm himself enough to go to sleep. And nothing was working. All of this went on during Jake eating dinner, getting a bath, reading books before bed, etc. But Jake didn’t seem to care too too much because he made sure I read Drew a book after I read Jake his book before bed – cute!

Does that even make sense?

This is why I am enjoying the quiet God has blessed me with this morning!

I realized that 2nd child is getting more iPhone pictures than nice Nikon pictures (again, oops) so I decided to post some of the last few pictures from my phone…

Lately we’ve been playing in style…

I really can’t even believe I’m posting this, seeing as my hair is all nappy and I look like a weirdo. But Jake likes me to wear sunglasses when he is wearing his. And he gets a kick out of me taking pictures on the phone and then looking at them. Anything to make him happy :)

Drew wondering what in the world we’re doing. It must be hard to focus on playmat time when you have sounds of lasers and interglactic battles going on in the background (thank you Buzz Lightyear…)

My sweet boy!

Yesterday I got brave and took the boys to tour a local fire station with our playgroup. Let’s say it didn’t go quiiiiiite as well as I had expected. Jake could’ve cared less about the fire station or trucks and would’ve preferred playing in the leaves outside. Pictures of that experience to come!

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