Playing Hooky at the Zoo

Seth had an extra vacation day so we went to the zoo on Friday.  It was a beautiful (if not too hot) day and there was hardly anyone there.  Plenty of room for the kids to run around and burn energy!
Everytime we go to the zoo, my kids are obsessed with the birds.  Probably the most boring animals.  They were also fascinated with the normal birds and squirrels THAT WE SEE EVERYDAY.  So basically it was a glorified backyard trip for them! :)

The obligatory monkey picture.  Monkeys were also a big hit.  Jake yelled at some of them “HEY MONKEYS, YOU’RE ON MY PJS!  DO YOU WEAR PJS??”  Then he looked at us and laughed, saying, “Those silly monkeys don’t wear pjs!”.  I swear, he cracks us up all the time.

It is at this point I decided I was an animal activist. This was as close as I could zoom in, but check out the orangutan.  He looks miserable!  He was giving us sad eyes and drawing circles with his fingers on that piece of wood.  I nearly jumped over the railing to set him free until Seth said he would probably eat my face.
I bet he wouldn’t if it meant freedom though.

We got to feed the giraffes again and this time Drew got a turn too!

I love the giraffes, such a cool experience

Jake the prairie dog

This is how the kids were most of the day.  Drew refused to ride in the stroller and only wanted Daddy to hold him.  I’m pretty sure Seth’s arm was about to break off by the end of it!  Jake was excited to see that there was a Daddy, Mommy, Big Boy, AND baby elephant.  Just like us.

Worn out after about 2 hours.  We need to work on our zoo stamina!
P.S. If you see any wild animals roaming downtown Houston, don’t look at me.

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