Random Happenings

My name is Mary and I have a problem. I take way too many pictures.

And then I feel like I have to share all of them with you. So sorry and you’re welcome at the same time!

iphone10 iphone11 iphone12 One of Jake’s Santa requests was a “big bike”.  He got so excited when he saw them at Academy and wanted to try on all the helmets.  This was also a big help to Santa who wasn’t sure which size to get!

iphone13 Wrapping presents with a 3 year old is an adventure.  A messy one.  They also sometimes wrap themselves.

iphone14 How has it been warm enough in December to fish??  Jake loves to go out to the lake in our neighborhood but Drew wasn’t a fan.  It was a big day for us – we caught a turtle.  Scared the kids to death but he fried up real good for dinner that night.


iphone15 Check out these cookies!  I went to an annual cookie exchange with some good friends and we were stuffed to the max with goodies.  30 people brought 5-6 dozen each.  Yowza.

IMG_1493I’m not sure at which point I’ll start embarrassing my kids but I think it’s coming!

(Mallory, Taylor, Stephanie, Me, Georgia)

Hope you enjoy your time with family and friends this holiday season!  We’ve already had Christmas #1 and the kiddos are in hog heaven.

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