Santa’s Wonderland

On Wednesday evening, we made an impromptu trip to Santa’s Wonderland in College Station.  Now, if you know us at all, you know that doing things “on a whim” is not how we work!  So we were pretty proud of ourselves for throwing caution to the wind and loading everyone in the car.

Fast forward 2 minutes.

Crying for “mommy’s house”.  Screaming baby.  More crying for “mommy’s house”.  Crying for “Santa’s house”.  Little feet kicking the back of my seat.  Mommy telling Daddy to turn the car around.  Mommy climbing in backseat to entertain children.  Screaming baby not caring.  Yelling at everyone that we are HAVING FUN WHETHER WE WANT TO OR NOT.  Mommy telling Daddy to turn the car around.  Daddy refusing to turn the car around.

Fast forward 90 minutes.

Arrive at Santa’s Wonderland where everyone was HAPPY (well, Drew you were indifferent but not screaming so yea!) and drank some hot chocolate.
We took the kids on the hayride to see all the lights.  I don’t think they’ve changed anything up in the past 10 years!  With as much as Jake has loved Christmas lights on our street, we figured he would go nuts.  Well.  He went nuts alright.  But not over the bajillion lights.  He was most excited about the truck that pulled our hayride.
Good thing his ticket was free.

What’s a Christmas light display without a little Aggie spirit?

Poor Drew was a good sport.  He was exhausted because he hadn’t napped well that day (or in the car, if you recall), so he just took everything in from the comfort of our arms!
Family picture in front of the big Texas flag.  I’ll be honest and let you know I almost wrote American flag.  

It’s hard to see, but right when you walked into Santa’s town there was snow falling.  Jake was too upset about having to wear a coat so I’m not even sure he noticed.
Also.  In an attempt to commit highway robbery, they found the need to charge extra for the petting zoo and pony rides.  I feel like we just went on a family vacation!  Jake was begging to ride a pony.  Begging.  So being the irresponsible parents we are, we didn’t have any cash and had to hunt down an ATM machine to get $5 for this dang ride. 
Remember.  He wanted to ride the pony.
Pictured:  Jake not wanting to ride the pony.
He cried the whole time.  And when we were done, he said, “More?”
No more.  Our last name is not Trump.

But I have a feeling we will be going back for more hayrides next year.  I mean, look at that sweet boy.  To make matters worse, Drew will be walking.  Drew will actually almost be the age Jake was when he was BORN.
Good thing next year is a long time away!

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