So Long Summer

Sadly (but kinda happily), summer is quickly coming to an end.  You can tell we need to get back in a routine quick because we’ve reached the point where Jake just whines about wanting to watch TV all day.  We’ve actually had some cooler (read as low 90′s…) weather this week but it hasn’t been enough of a draw for the kids.

IMG_4860 This week we’ve been trying to swim as much as we can since the pool closes down in a few weeks.  They have had such a great time in the pool this summer with friends and both are so comfortable in the water.  Our big thing was “timing” how long they could stay underwater.  And now that I think about it…that’s all my friends and I used to do too…ha!  Next summer Jake will definitely be swimming on his own and I hope Drew won’t be far behind!

IMG_4857Pictured above is my biggest regret.  I found these cap guns at a consignment sale…not realizing they required actual “ammo” to shoot.  So Seth went and got some caps at Academy and we’ve had fun scaring the neighbor’s cats.

IMG_4853 The boys love a good birthday party and I feel like we have at least a couple a month!  Who can turn down all that cake and icing??  Especially when it will stain your teeth and lips for the rest of the day!

IMG_4833 We’d like to introduce you to the two newest Anderles…Barry and Sky.  What…you don’t see them?  Squint really hard and look at those creatures crawling on my kitchen floor.

IMG_4832 Hello Barry.

It has been tough to figure out a good discipline method for Jake, so we use incentive charts a lot which seem to work much better.  We dug our own grave when we (I) promised a hermit crab like some of his friends had if he filled up his chart with stickers.

Well, he did.

So off to Petco we went.  And now, believe it or not, these dang crabs are growing on me.

Hmm…that doesn’t sound good.


The boys both took gymnastics this summer with several of their friends.  This was Drew’s first class (Jake has been doing this for a year or so) and he loved it!  It has been a perfect way to get out their energy…they jump on the trampoline, swing on bars, jump in block pits, and run around.  Money well spent!

IMG_4807 IMG_4810 Playing (and bathing) with our sweet friends, Noah and Avery
IMG_4818 The boys have been eating their vegetables this summer so we decided to see how well they fit in Daddy’s clothes now.  Still need a little bit of growing…

IMG_4822 And who can resist a good movie??  We’ve seen Monsters University, Turbo, and now Planes this summer.  Planes was actually their least favorite but they loved the other ones.  Drew is still borderline too little for the movies but did pretty well with a never-ending flow of popcorn.

IMG_4825Mid-day “cuddling” with Sky.  Did I mention we got a BOGO free deal on these crabs?  The pet store wouldn’t let us tear a family apart because they had previously been living together with another family.  Oh my.

Be looking for them on our family Christmas card come December.

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