Soccer Star

First, I had to share this picture.  The boys just love their daddy!  He was traveling for work at the end of last month and when he got home they were glued to him.  Pretty sure he had to use the restroom like this.


IMG_3851Jake’s soccer “career” has taken a turn for the better and he’s done really well for the past few games!  He hasn’t had much contact with the soccer ball (who says that part is important) but he doesn’t seem to care and loves running around with his friends.

014xIf it appears that Lexi (#5) is giving Jake a back massage during the game, you may be correct.  I don’t know what these two were up to this week!

IMG_3853IMG_3855Watch out David Beckham.  Or his kids.

IMG_3856 Seth is the assistant coach for the “Giants” and Jake has really enjoyed him being out there.

IMG_3857 Of course Drew had to get his picture too!  It’s tough for him to sit on the sidelines.  I think we may have a second soccer player come next year.

IMG_3860 “Goooo Giants!”

(notice Drew in the background!)

IMG_3863 And of course, the main reason we finally got him out on the field…an orange snowcone.

IMG_3864Snowcones make everything better.

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