Spring Break Fun

If you stay home with young children, you know that Spring Break isn’t really much different from any other week.  Except that traffic patterns change, public places are crowded, and you’re expected to have a week full of fun.

So of course we didn’t disappoint.

drew1 We played with friends, ate ice cream…

jake wanted more ice cream…

rodeo1 Seth and I got a date night at the Rodeo (our first and maybe only rap concert…Pitbull!)

rodeo2 And the boys and I went to the rodeo the next day with Nonnie and Popo.

rodeo3 Playing in the John Deere exhibit is a major favorite!

rodeo4 We rode some rides (luckily my participation was limited)

rodeo5 And Jake loved every bit of it!

rodeo6Drew even got in on the action and loved them too.  Jake was so sweet to show Drew how to “ride” the little tractor.

Can you see their sweat?  It was so hot!  The day we were at the rodeo it felt like summer…and the past few days it has felt like fall.  No wonder our allergies are driving us crazy!

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