Strike a Pose…Vogue…

We just got Drew’s 1 year pictures in the mail so I was anxious to share them with y’all!  The pictures turned out pretty good considering the session was a borderline disaster.  It was windy, almost past bedtime, and Drew hated his birthday cake…as you’ll soon see…

I love a good family picture! We are so blessed.

Not listening and laying on the ground sometimes pays off and turns out to be a cute picture – ha!

Drew and his crazy hair

One of my favorites!

Love these little boys and their sweet little moments!


We did a short cake smash at the end of our session.  Let’s just say it didn’t really go as planned.

Why would you give me cake?!  I want meat and cheese! :)
Clearly I am obsessed with having and taking pictures (don’t even get me started on the boxes of middle/high school pictures in the closet) but I wouldn’t trade these for anything.  I love having these memories to look back on!!

2 thoughts on “Strike a Pose…Vogue…

  1. Mary, these pictures are so wonderful! I love your family picture – you and Seth look great.

    I need to find a photographer that I super like down here.

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