Summer Love

June went by in a flash.  As a kid, it was almost unfair how quickly summer went by and now it is even faster.

004We made some good memories making homemade ice cream with Popo.  Drew would not leave his sight and even helped with the cranking.  The kid was not about to let anyone forget to get his ice cream!

007Jake and Nonnie in the pool
014 010 (2)Drew is quick to grab his toy mower whenever Seth starts working on the lawn.  It is so cute how he follows him around.  Drew calls it his “tiny mower” and pushes along next to him.

015 (2) Every night is a fight over who gets the frog or monster towel.  Every night their opinions change on which is the best.  It’s really very tricky.

019Love this crazy boy!

I feel like we’ve been a little lucky with the weather lately, but today felt like a new wave of unbearable heat.  And the humidity just adds some extra fun in Houston.  I love getting to use the pool but fall couldn’t come sooner!

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