Summer Vacation

At the beginning of July, we packed up the car and headed to Destin, FL to spend a week at the beach with Seth’s family.  If you know our kids, you know how they feel about the car.  So needless to say, there had been anxiety about this for awhile!

The boys did so well…for the most part.  And 11 hours, 2 stops, and a vomit-filled carseat later (sorry, I’m transparent), we arrived.

Unfortunately, the beach gods didn’t want to cooperate with us.  On the first day, we had beautiful weather and enjoyed the beach.  For the rest of the time, we enjoyed the beach from inside our condo because of thunderstorms and lightning.  Gotta love karma.

020 (2)We headed to a fish museum one day, where we got to see huge mounted fish and sharks.  The boys gave it two thumbs up!

022 (2) Captain Drew

026 Jake (and I) got to go on our first hunt for sandcrabs.  It was intense.

035 Thank goodness for our “swimming pool” (hot tub).  The boys were able to get out their energy a little each day in here!

038 The rain stopped and we got some family pictures on the beach.  Love these guys!

043 Uncle Chase, Jake, Seth, Me, Drew, Popo, and Nonnie.

So fun to vacation all together!

052 The Anderle boys

066 068 Our whole clan

083 IMG_4394 IMG_4395 IMG_4416 IMG_4483 If you look close you can see the water spout (tornado on the water) that we saw our last day there.  This was a trip full of firsts!

IMG_4472 Watching July 4th fireworks on the beach in our pjs

IMG_4435 IMG_4458My heart!

We had a great time, despite the weather.  Our luck improved (not) when we got home late on a Saturday night to a 90 degree house and a broken A/C.  THEN, it got even better when my car didn’t start the next day.  Talk about testing your patience and faith!!

Luckily, life is back to normal now and next time we will pray a little harder for sunshine :)

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