Surprise…More Pictures

Don’t think I’m letting you off the hook.  There is even more to come.

(This is simply a means of making me feel better about myself…I hate to leave anything out!)

IMG_4179 Our kids love a good splash pad…especially with friends!

(Drew, Lexi, Jake, Corben, and Macie)

IMG_4180 IMG_4181 This pictures just cracks me up.  Haircut, anyone?  Jake had so much fun playing soccer and is already asking to play again.

IMG_4182 Jake’s team…taking a picture of a picture so this is quality, folks.

IMG_4236 Playing in the sprinkler.  Don’t think I didn’t join in!

IMG_4351 NKOTB, anyone?  In June, the New Kids (along with Boys II Men and 98 degrees!!) came to Houston and several friends and I traveled downtown in style.  We were lucky enough to sit in a suite and listen to our elementary school favorites along with some new songs.  You may laugh but I’m telling you…best concert ever!!

(Mallory, Jen, Kat, Sheila, Keely, Me, Kim, Brittani, Georgia)

Seriously.  Why are there not more boy bands today?

IMG_4379 Following the best concert ever, I went on a retreat with the leadership team from my weekly bible study.  Seth played the SUPER DAD card and not only took the boys fishing on Lake Conroe, but took them to an Astros game the next day.  All by himself.  Major props to him.  The boys (and me!!) are so lucky to have him!

This was Drew’s first boat ride and Jake’s second (although he was maybe 8 months old for his first one.)  They absolutely loved it and still talk about all their fun.

IMG_4380 Jake got to drive the boat with Garrett closely supervising.

IMG_4381The kids were so excited to catch a catfish and then the dads proceeded to cook it for dinner.  A step up from fish sticks, if you ask me.

Following the busiest weekend ever, we took family pictures (which you’ve now seen) and loaded up the car to head to Destin, FL.

Stay tuned.


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